July 3

Marijuana dispensary taking place of LC's Kitchen?



It appears that just one medical marijuana dispensary isn’t enough for the neighborhood.

Already we have the new Greenside Medical just on the outer edge of Maple Leaf at 9804 Lake City Way N.E., which we wrote about last month. But now it appears that another dispensary might be moving into the space abruptly vacated in March by the much-beloved LC’s Kitchen at 8007 Lake City Way N.E.

The wording and symbols on the ouside of the so-called Delta Nonprofit Collective are vague, but reminiscent of other marijuana dispensaries. However, we can’t find a website or any other information to verify what the space really is turning into. Does anybody have additional information?

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Fall Budget // Accountability Partners on SPD’s Crowd Control Policies // Internet for All // COVID Rental Assistance // Community News You Can Use

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  1. The food was amazing at LC’s. The landlord was selfish and money grubbing. That’s why we don’t have LC’s anymore. 7 years of great food gone…watch what happens to this place. I certainly don’t give it 7 years.

    Does anyone know where/if the owner of LC’s is cooking now?

  2. Delta is one of four dispensaries within a one square mile. Price wars and specials! Now I Can walk or pedal and not even crank up my carbonmonoxide spewing Harley!. Amazing developments at Maple Leaf.

  3. I wonder if they will start fooling around with the vertical hold at this new establishment. Perhaps they will get the munchies and make some spaghetti.

  4. Does anyone see the irony in the opening of a marijuana dispensary that was made possible by the closing of a restaurant ?

  5. I could care less about pot dispensaries in our neighborhood, half the population or more has smoked pot and way too much taxpayer money is spent on policing and imprisoning for a behavior most of us don’t see as a big societal problem. But I really dug LC’s Kitchen and Ryan above is correct, there is some new state law that basically cripples these businesses, so I can’t see this new one actually opening up unless their 1 person is smoking a hell of a lot of weed every 15 days.

  6. I heard that Greenside is shutting down. Not sure if someone can verify, but I believe new legislation was recently passed that only allows these dispensaries to service 1 person (IN TOTAL) every 15 days.

    Not that I care, but just wanted to share. I’m not so sure why anyone would be worked up about this though.

  7. I’m just saying they replaced a restaurant many people loved with another dispensary. Do we really need two? I wonder if Delta 9 knew that Greenside was opening.

    It will interesting to see if there is enough business to keep both open.

  8. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028346/

    lions, and tigers, and bears

    oh my.

    come on people

    there is a neighborhood pharmacy on Roosevelt that sells Oxycontin. Many bars in our neighborhood that serve oooh booze, people that eat meat and like it, and a University that caters to all types of weirdos…

    dispensaries and strip clubs are not the boogeyman.

    the boogeyman is in your mind.

  9. Aren’t there any zoning laws about the distance a dispensary can operate from city park?
    Technically, the 8007 building is 1 block away from the south end of the Maple Leaf Park!

  10. The new strip club just down the street has raised the stress level in Maple Leaf so there will be plenty of patients for these new dispensaries.

  11. It is all about the money.

    Do we really need two of these so close together? I don’t mind them as long as the operate legitimately but 2 within a mile or so of each other? Are there really that many people with perscriptions?

  12. The landlord kicked a great neighborhood restaurant, L.C.’s Kitchen, out of their space for a pot dispensary? What’s wrong with him?

  13. likewise to Bill’s comment, I just googled “THC chemical formula” and the window design looks just like it.

  14. well delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the active chemical in cannabis so yeah, it’s probably a dispensary.

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