February 21

Cafe Piccolo closes, more mail theft reports



Cafe Piccolo is closing this month after a decade serving Maple Leaf dinners.

The last day for the restaurant, at 9400 Roosevelt Way N.E., is Feb. 29th.

On its Facebook page, Cafe Piccolo says, in part:

Thank you Maple Leaf and Café Piccolo fans for 10 years of devoted business! Café Piccolo will close its doors on February 29th under the Carlino ownership. This was not an easy decision to make, as we have grown fond of all of you and attached to the community that has supported us through the good times and the challenges of a not so great economy.

Our great staff that you have come to know will be staying on to help with the transition to the new owner. We are confident that we are leaving the restaurant in very good hands, someone who will be able to take this location to the next level and grow with the neighborhood.

Since the restaurant is not open Sundays or Mondays, that effectively means the last day to eat there is Saturday, Feb. 27th.

Thanks, Chris, for the heads-up on Piccolo. Thanks, also, to Terry for the news last month that Hang Fire Design gallery and True Color Hair Design, both on Roosevelt, have shut their doors.

Also, earlier this weekend Jesse wrote to say:

On Friday night, February 19th, at 10:45 p.m. I stepped outside (corner of 8th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 103rd  Street) and saw a blue truck with a covered bed, man driving and woman in the passenger seat, stop at our mailbox bank. She saw me and he sped off towards Roosevelt. I have never seen this truck in the past and it was obvious that they were there to steal mail.

Last week a similar mail theft was reported at 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 102nd Street.

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  1. @Lee Hopely: If you want to avoid the homeless then move to the suburbs. This is the city. Maple Leaf is seeing an influx of homeless because tenants are getting displaced with higher housing costs and an ever growing population.

    A lot of the mail theft seems to be done by young to middle-aged people in vehicles, not the elderly with shopping carts. Not everyone who is homeless does drugs. Just like not everyone who lives in Maple Leaf is wealthy, judgmental, and anti-hoodie. This reminds me of the neighbor who called 9-1-1 a few years back after seeing a black person in the area just walking down the street.

    According to the UW, the mentally ill are 3 times more likely to be victims than perps and are nearly always non-violent. The homeless aren’t profiled on 48 Hours, 20/20, and Dateline, it’s typically middle to upper class sociopaths with homes, jobs, and families of which one member is almost always the guilty party for whatever occurred.

    We need to fix the mail theft issue. I know our carrier and my neighbors really well. Do you know yours? We should start a conversation about what can be done.

  2. We saw the same (what I think is) the same truck on Friday night. They did not see that we were sitting behind the back gate to my house on 12th Ave NE and 82nd Ave NE. I think they stopped and were snooping around my neighbors back garage.

  3. What a bummer that we’re losing a number of local businesses in a relatively short timespan (Piccolo, Hang Fire, True Color, and the pharmacy). Seems like a good topic for the community council and our newly elected representative. Sigh.

  4. EUB…yes, it is notable that a homeless man is wandering in a quiet suburban neighborhood that has absolutely no services for the homeless.

    Maybe he was just going for a nice walk? I suppose……

    However, it should be noted that our neighborhood has experienced car break ins (broad daylight) and mail thefts. Not saying this guy is responsible for any of that, of course.

    Would you like your children out playing with a guy like this wandering your neighborhood, not knowing the mental state of someone who has a chance to take advantage of homeless services (Union Gospel Mission, Bread of Life Mission, and other services), but chooses to live that life …with mental illness and/or drug use? I am tired of the ‘Freattle’ mentality.

    And we have drug dealers in our neighborhood now….they are not homeless yet.

    Seattle compassion at work.

    By the way, I forgot to mention that my neighbor noticed a strong marijuana smell from the guy.

    Neither my neighbor nor I are anti-marijuana…but again, we have young children in the neighborhood and it is worrisome with our increase in crime in this quiet neighborhood to see strangers like this.

    34 yrs, and only recently (past two years) have we experienced these issues. This should never be an acceptable social situation. And I do support the homeless through monthly donations to the UGM.

  5. To Justin: That is what it sounds like to me, too.

    I’m very sad that the wonderful Carlino family seems to be moving on and will miss not only their food that we enjoyed a lot during the entire time they were there but also visiting with them and hearing the cool playlists that Dylan put together.

    However, the ray of hope that you highlight (the restaurant will continue after Nick has shown the new owner the lay of the land) is welcome news and we look forward to something new there.

    I also hope that the fact that they are going to stay in the catering business will be good for them and less stressful than keeping a cafe open, which must have its share of headaches.

    Regardless, good luck to Nick, Trish, Dylan and Aris and thanks for 10 years of great food and memories.

  6. I don’t know that seeing a homeless man you haven’t met before is particularly notable in Seattle, sadly. Or did he do something else notable?

  7. I live in the Victory Heights neighborhood and was taking a walk this past Saturday with my neighbor when we saw an older pushing a shopping cart with his belongings down the street. He had a head phones on and was talking to himself.

    He said ‘hi’ and we replied back, but moved on. I have lived in this neighborhood for over 34 yrs and do not know who the guy is. It looked like he headed in the direction that leads out onto Lake City Way.

    Recently, two of my neighbors’ cars were broken into by a guy wearing a hoodie (at 6:45 a.m. on a weekday). One of the neighbors had his surveillance cameras on, but was unable to make out the guy’s face nor read the license plate.

    Has anyone else seen the guy with the shopping cart?

  8. I’m confused by the Piccolo announcement — it doesn’t sound like its closing altogether, but rather is just changing owners. Anyone have any clarification?

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