December 23

Reports of holiday mail theft in Maple Leaf?



Rose messages on Facebook:

Hi Maple Leaf Life, could you ask Maple Leaf to be on the look out for suspicious mail theft activity?

We have had our mail stolen several times this last week, our neighbors have as well. We live on Northeast 96th Street and Roosevelt Way Northeast.

We have had several neighbors from a few blocks away return our empty envelopes which they say were left in their yards.

We’ve anecdotally heard similar reports. Any more?

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  1. A few years ago, our street (17th, between 90th and 91st) had so many thefts (about 10 in 6 months) that I got all the neighbors together and we purchased a multiple lock box unit for our street for $1200 ($200 each). The mail carrier has a key. Unfortunately the company that installed it is now out of business, but I’m sure there are similar companies out there. It was a big investment up front, but it has been oh so worth it!

  2. We had cleared our mailbox out on the evening of Tuesday, December 30th. The morning of the 31st before the mailman arrived, we found a stack of mail from the 9600 block of NE 8th Ave. I returned it to the postman when he came around and gave him the mail to return.

  3. We had a box package opened on our front porch, contents stolen, and then the empty box left on the porch (85th and 8th). Also, left in the box was a Magic Bullet mixer cup with lid, likely from the previous home they raided. If anyone had components from a Magic Bullet stolen, we have it now.

  4. Thank you to my neighbor one street over…she brought a package to my house that was delivered to her place by mistake. Thank you!

  5. I recommend getting a private mail box for package deliveries, and a locking mail box for everything else. Bravo that the police showed up for this – but it’s so common we need to assume there are criminals all over our neighborhood nowadays.

  6. I didn’t mess around with home delivery. Rather I used Amazon’s locker delivery, nearby. Something to think about if you purchase packages from Amazon.

  7. Keep in mind that you can often put in shipping notes for the delivery drivers to drop off packages in the back of your house etc…

    We had a box that was listed as delivered and we didn’t have it. We thought for sure it was stolen off our front porch, then we noticed it was on our back deck next to our bbq. Thankfully, the UPS driver knew thefts were greater this time of year and put it on our back deck without us even asking for it.

    Also, I hope everyone has a locking mailbox. If not, they sell them at the Maple Leaf Ace.

  8. Found 70 out going Christmas cards stolen then abandoned. From 103rd and Roosevelt.

    Perp left name in pile (They aren’t rocket scientists). He stole a substantial check and negotiated it. I contacted sender, got copy of cancelled check. Reported to police, who investigated and took the information. Gave incident number to victim so they could recover funds of the check from the bank that accepted it. Just another day in the neighborhood. Date of theft was 12/1/2014 or thereabouts, mail abandoned about ten days later. The biggest surprise was that the police actually showed up.

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