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North Precinct might just be too short-staffed to respond

September 24th, 2014 · 5 Comments

For those of you who have been wondering where the police are when allegedly stolen safes show up or when other nonviolent crimes take place in Maple Leaf, a memo leaked to explains what could be to blame.

According to the confidential memo, the detectives at the North Precinct are simply too short-staffed to investigate most burglaries:

A police source said that unless burglary detectives have a suspect’s name, evidence photos or surveillance footage, and complete witness interviews, it’s unlikely a case will even get worked let alone solved. …

The memo says at one point, 14 detectives worked burglary, theft and juvenile cases for the north precinct. Today it’s down to two detectives and an on-loan patrol officer, even though the memo says cases have climbed to 1,500 a month. The memo concludes, “misdemeanor and even many felony crimes can no longer be investigated except on a very rare, case by case basis.”

But don’t worry, the Seattle Police Department doesn’t want us to think this is an invitation for burglars and other petty criminals to come prowling in Maple Leaf. According to

The Seattle Police Department insists it’s not turning a blind eye to burglaries in the north end, despite reports the north precinct is too short staffed to investigate most incidents.

And a spokesperson also has said that burglary cases also are investigated by the major crimes task force.

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