October 23

Booze 1, bikinis 0 at the old Italian Spaghetti House



Looks like David Miller of the Maple Leaf Community Council called it right: The Old Italian Spaghetti House & Pizzeria is becoming Bobs’ Lake City Liquors.

On the other hand, the bikini barista stand there – Headrush Coffee – has disappeared from the parking lot at 9824 Lake City Way N.E.

More information about the liquor store is available on its Facebook page. They are shooting for an early November opening.

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  1. Thank you, Costco, and the Big Bizz liquor consortium for bullshitting the citizens into thinking the privatization was a better deal! There’s one born every minute…

  2. A strip joint at the old Seven Seas, a Cannabis Club where Tub Cove was, and now a liquor store at the old Italian Spaghetti House. My Saturdays are now complete.

    Anywho, I welcome the selection and (hopefully) lower prices that may come with a large well run operation.

    Bought a one liter Monopolowa Vodka in California for $8.80, plus tax it was less than ten bucks. Same bottle here, at the old liquor store on Capitol Hill $20, plus tax came to $30. Ouch.

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