February 14

Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. coming to Maple Leaf



The former home of A New York Pizza Place won’t be empty for long.

According to a sign in the window at 8310 Fifth Ave. N.E., Seattle’s Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. is moving into the space left vacant in December.

In addition to the sign, an article from Seattle Met is posted on the door that compares pizza from Flying Squirrel’s Seward Park location with downtown’s Serious Pie from iconic Seattle chef Tom Douglas. The magazine writes:

Owner Bill Coury is as irreverent about the rules as Douglas, claiming that he wasn’t setting out to be authentically anything; he just wanted to make a classic American “everybody pizza” with the best-tasting stuff on top. And—judging from the crowds of hipsters and families that throng the friendly, Mexican coke–and–Olympia Beer sort of Seward Park storefront every night—that he has done.

Flying Squirrel says on its About page that it uses local produce when possible, featuring products from companies such as Salumi Artisan Cured Meats, Stumptown Coffee and Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop. The dough and sauce are made fresh each day, and Flying Squirrel also makes its own pork and chicken sausage. More from its webpage:

Each of our pizzas is hand tossed to order, and each carries its own uniqueness.  For example, your pizza might not be perfectly round…and that’s good!

Handmade food shouldn’t always look factory perfect…that’s the love you see, instead.

Who’s ready for Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. to open to Maple Leaf?

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  1. The Squirrel’s FB page says:
    Coming this Spring 2011….Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. in the Maple Leaf neighborhood! We’ll keep you posted….

  2. Yummo, sounds great! I already miss New York Pizza, and really liked the original iteration with Todd from Jersey and family. I agree with DC, I REALLY hope Flying Squirrel will do slices to go!

    Hope the place at 80th and Roosevelt gets a tenant soon too!

  3. What a pleasant surprise this morning to see a new pizzeria fill in the New York place’s vacancy. Since I live a couple blocks away, I am looking forward to its opening!

  4. This is awesome! Don’t get me wrong their pizza is where it’s at but having a local outlet for Molly Moons Ice Cream is one hell of an added bonus.

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