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Public meeting tonight on Banner Way safety

March 30th, 2016 by Mike

Thanks to Thor for emailing:

Today I got a mailer about a meeting tomorrow about safety improvements to Banner Way. It’s at the Fairview Church at 844 N.E. 78th St. from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Maybe it’s worth a post?

Seems like it should be. (Banner Way is the street in Maple Leaf that in part parallels  Interstate 5 on our western border.)

Little hard to say, though. Here’s the  link, the meeting is tonight.

Here’s the (gist of) the text from SDOT:

Following the collaborative work with the community for the NE 75th Street project, we’re continuing this work through Banner Way NE to implement the Pedestrian Master Plan and Bicycle Master Plan. We are committed to building a transportation infrastructure that supports a safe and vibrant community.

We’ll work with the community to consider changes to this street in an effort to bring down speeds and make the roadway safer for neighbors and all travelers, as part of our Vision Zero plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Seattle’s streets by 2030.

Together, we will determine the specific nature and design elements of these changes through the process described below. New safety measures may include, but not be limited to: signage improvements, arterial traffic calming, roadway design changes, traffic signal modifications, pavement repair, and safety enhancements for people walking and biking.

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About that flashing red light at NE 95th St.

March 17th, 2016 by Mike

For those who’ve been wondering about the flashing red light at Roosevelt Way Northeast and Northeast 95th Street:

“The wind storm caused an outage and the controller at this intersection had a difficult time restoring from the loss of power. We ended up having to replace the controller yesterday in the afternoon,” the Seattle transportation department reports this morning.

For those who haven’t, the pedestrian-activated red light at that intersection suddenly turned on as a flashing red light after this weekend’s windstorm.

Traditionally that makes it a four-way stop, except that the lights only face north and south on Roosevelt. Which created some confusion.

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Green Lake path to be re-striped today

May 7th, 2015 by Mike

Thursday morning: Stripe plus 10 minutes.

That big truck on the Green Lake paved path today?

The Seattle parks and transportation departments have teamed up to repaint the center stripe on the path.

Visitors to Green Lake Park will see an SDOT crew painting the center yellow line on the Green Lake pedestrian path. SDOT will begin work at 9 a.m. and anticipates the project will take 6 to 8 hours.

The lines on the Green Lake path define the rules of use for many thousands of people per year and help regulate congestion on the path. The City asks park visitors for their patience and cooperation during the painting.

Seattle Parks and Recreation contracted with SDOT for the work. This city collaboration provides a more efficient way to paint the path and will minimize the amount of time the path is closed to the community.

Use of the SDOT truck will enable completion of this work in a shorter time frame than is typical and will provide more visible, long lasting lines.

On Thursday, SDOT will provide a pilot truck for the paint truck and staff will tail the paint truck to warn pedestrians as the wet paint is applied.

The path will remain open and visitors using the path will be detoured around the painting project vehicles.

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Motorists to expect delays during final phase of Northgate Way repaving project

September 9th, 2014 by Mike

This post is from our sister site My Ballard.

SDOT will begin the final phase of its repaving project on North Northgate Way today as construction crews repave the one-block section of Northgate Way, immediately to the west of I-5.

The stretch, between Meridian Ave N and Corliss Ave N (the street immediately adjacent to the west side of I-5), will be reduced to a single travel lane in each direction. The lane reduction will remain in place until the repaving is finished in mid-November and is likely to create traffic backups.

Motorists should be aware that heavy traffic volumes during the afternoon commute could also result in backups on both the north- and southbound I-5 off-ramps. Motorists exiting I-5 at Northgate are encouraged to consider using off-ramps to either the north or south, if possible. Doing so will help to reduce congestion on Northgate Way and the I-5 off-ramps to it, as well as shorten motorist commute times.

The travel lanes of Northgate Way between Aurora Ave N and Meridian Ave N, which are currently reduced for repaving, will be fully restored to two lanes in each direction this afternoon.

Improvements that are part of the North 105th/North Northgate Way Project include complete roadway repaving, new sidewalks and curb ramps, drainage improvements, street lighting and street trees from Greenwood Avenue North to Corliss Avenue North.

SDOT is also upgrading traffic signals from Greenwood Ave N to Lake City Way NE (and along Lake City Way to N 120th St), as well as installing two new dynamic message signs to provide drivers with real time travel information.

The entire project is scheduled for completion in mid-November. Click here to learn more.

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It's happening this morning – Roosevelt bike lanes are going in

October 7th, 2013 by Mike

Controversial, contentious, confusing … maybe traffic calming?

The bike lanes proposed on Roosevelt Avenue Northeast are going in this morning.

Be prepared for a different afternoon commute home.

For previous comments and thought about the lanes, see our story here and more recent comments here.

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It’s happening this morning – Roosevelt bike lanes are going in

October 7th, 2013 by Mike

Controversial, contentious, confusing … maybe traffic calming?

The bike lanes proposed on Roosevelt Avenue Northeast are going in this morning.

Be prepared for a different afternoon commute home.

For previous comments and thought about the lanes, see our story here and more recent comments here.

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Parking, bike lane saga continues at open house Tuesday

August 23rd, 2012 by master

Have you made your opinion known about the addition of bike lanes/elimination of parking on Roosevelt Way Northeast?

Presentation from Seattle Department of Transportation including comments from the Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board.

A second open house is planned from 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Northgate Community Center, 10510 Fifth Ave. N.E., giving you one more opportunity to learn more about the current plans by the Seattle Department of Transportation and lodge your support/complaint of the proposal.

Summary of proposed changes from the news release:

  • On-street parking would be restricted all day (“No parking anytime”) on the west side of Roosevelt Way NE from NE 75th Street to NE 85th Street
  • 13 parking spaces would be restricted (“No parking anytime”) on the east side of Roosevelt Way NE near NE 75th Street and NE 80th Street to improve traffic signal operations
  • 71 parking spaces would be retained on the east side of Roosevelt (which is more than enough to accommodate the peak demand for on-street parking).
  • A dedicated bicycle lane would be added in the uphill (northbound) direction so that slower moving people on bicycles do not hold up traffic.
  • Shared lane markings (sharrows) would be installed in the downhill (southbound) direction
  • The new parking lane on the east side of the street would be wider than the current parking lanes
  • The new bicycle lane would also serve as a buffer between parked cars and cars traveling on the street

Here are a few issues the Maple Leaf Community Council has with the current proposal:

[

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SDOT offers plan to complete Roosevelt bike lane

July 11th, 2012 by master

Presentation from Seattle Department of Transportation including comments from the Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board.

At a meeting two years ago to introduce a plan to add a bike lane through Maple Leaf on Roosevelt Way Northeast, many neighbors in the south end spoke up when they learned that they would lose parking on the west side of the street from Northeast 75th to 85th streets.

Although the Seattle Department of Transportation promptly restriped most of our stretch of Roosevelt with a bike lane, the agency left 75th to 85th bike lane-free in favor of studying other options.

SDOT has since revealed its verdict, and to the typical neighbor, it might appear quite the same. Once again, parking on the west side of the street will be eliminated from Northeast 75th to 85th streets, making room for a bike lane on the east side of the street, as well as providing room for buses to pull out of traffic at more of their stops.

However, the Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board points out that the new proposal is actually quite different in that it improves rather than impedes traffic flow on that stretch. In this pdf, the council shares its comments along with the proposal SDOT presented last month, including this breakdown of their understanding of the proposal:

  • 5 parking spaces removed east side of Roosevelt Way NE just north of the signal at NE 75th.
  • 5 parking spaces removed on east side of Roosevelt to the south of intersection at 80th
  • 3 parking spaces removed on the east side of Roosevelt to the north of intersection at 80th.
  • All parking removed west side of Roosevelt from 75th to 85th.
  • Reducing three in-lane bus stops to only one.
  • Retains turning lanes so no worsening of 75th/80th intersections
  • 8-foot wide parking area at curbs (versus 7-foot standard)
  • 6-foot bike lane width (versus 5-foot standard) on east (uphill, northbound) side, sharrows on the west side
  • Retained parking enough to handle maximum parking seen during surveys, though on-street availability shifts across

In an email to Maple Leaf neighbors (subscribe here), the executive board further elaborates: [Read more →]

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Report a Maple Leaf pothole (and see if it gets filled)

January 31st, 2012 by Mike

From time to time we get emailed complaints about potholes in the neighborhood. Then the Pothole Rangers are called out.

A week’s worth of ice and snow have made the problem worse. Here’s an overview from the city’s pothole map. Green means a fixed pothole, blue means a request to fill one is  “pending”  (?). We don’t seem to have any yellow (not fixed for the last half year) or red (not fixed for a year).

But I know we have more potholes than this.

Mayor Mike McGinn says the city’s transportation department has $9 million available to address street surface repairs, which includes potholes. About $8.5 million of that is earmarked for main arterials.

“Freezing weather and heavy precipitation mean that we’re seeing more potholes. We’ve added dollars to respond to pothole repair requests,” McGinn says.

So let’s help out. Report potholes to the city here. Call in the rangers!

(Thanks to My Wallingford for some of this information.)

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Make your voice heard on Transit Master Plan

October 26th, 2011 by master

At last night’s Seattle Transit Master Plan Open House at Aljoya Thornton Place, Tony Mazzella with the Seattle Department of Transportation kicked off the meeting by praising the venue, which is located just east of the Northgate Transit Center at 450 N.E. 100th St.

“This is a sterling example of what can be done when we put uses like retail and residential next to good-quality transit,” he said during the presentation portion of the open house.

Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board Members Donna Hartmann-Miller and David Miller, far right, were among attendees at the SDOT event Tuesday evening.

Following the presentation, attendees were encouraged to take a close look at the posters detailing the Transit Master Plan, which takes us decades into the future of the city’s transit, and to ask plenty of questions.

Including new input with the information collected so far, SDOT plans to ask the Seattle City Council to approve the Transit Master Plan in early 2012.

If you missed the meeting, the entire draft Transit Master Plan can be viewed online, where you also can add your imput via the public outreach page.

If you’d rather make your comments in person and talk to a live person, there are three more open houses:

  • Oct. 26 in West Seattle: Eagles Hall, 4426 California Ave. S.W.
  • Nov. 15 in Ballard: Ballard High School, 1418 N.W. 65th St.
  • Nov. 17 in Holly Park: New Holly Gathering Hall, 7054 32nd Ave. S.

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