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Learn about city council districts, Maple Leaf changes and school board boundaries at the January meeting of the Community Council

January 23rd, 2014 by Mike

Under the new City Council system of electing council members by district, Maple Leaf after the 2015 elections will be represented by two council members.

Most of the neighborhood will be in District Five, from Northeast Northgate Way down roughly to the middle of the new Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.

Neighbors who live south of a line drawn horizontally though the park will be in District 4.

Learn more about this at the January meeting of the Maple Leaf Community Council. It’s Wednesday, January 29th, from 7-9 p.m. at Olympic View Elementary School, Eighth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 95th Street. Free, licensed child care will be provided.

Also on the agenda, the community council’s work plan for the year, an update on the ever-popular Bicycle Master Plan (a separated bike lane on Roosevelt Way Northeast?) and changes to public school boundaries.

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Next Maple Leaf Community meeting is Jan. 30

January 17th, 2013 by master

Join your neighbors on Jan. 30 to discuss some of the issues that are important to fellow Maple Leafers!

The January Maple Leaf General Community Meeting is from 7-9 p.m. at the Olympic View Elementary School Cafeteria, 504 N.E. 95th St. Free licensed child care service will be provided.

The main topic of the meeting will be transportation challenges, which are front and center in many Maple Leaf neighbors’ minds after last week’s bus fire on Interstate 5 that brought traffic both on the freeway and through Maple Leaf to a standstill.

But cars aren’t the only topic bound to come up in the transportation discussion, which likely also will include pedestrians, bicycles, buses and more. You’re invited to share you concerns with the Maple Leaf Community Council’s executive board, along with representatives of local government agencies who have been invited.

Other topics at the meeting will include:

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Parking, bike lane saga continues at open house Tuesday

August 23rd, 2012 by master

Have you made your opinion known about the addition of bike lanes/elimination of parking on Roosevelt Way Northeast?

Presentation from Seattle Department of Transportation including comments from the Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board.

A second open house is planned from 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Northgate Community Center, 10510 Fifth Ave. N.E., giving you one more opportunity to learn more about the current plans by the Seattle Department of Transportation and lodge your support/complaint of the proposal.

Summary of proposed changes from the news release:

  • On-street parking would be restricted all day (“No parking anytime”) on the west side of Roosevelt Way NE from NE 75th Street to NE 85th Street
  • 13 parking spaces would be restricted (“No parking anytime”) on the east side of Roosevelt Way NE near NE 75th Street and NE 80th Street to improve traffic signal operations
  • 71 parking spaces would be retained on the east side of Roosevelt (which is more than enough to accommodate the peak demand for on-street parking).
  • A dedicated bicycle lane would be added in the uphill (northbound) direction so that slower moving people on bicycles do not hold up traffic.
  • Shared lane markings (sharrows) would be installed in the downhill (southbound) direction
  • The new parking lane on the east side of the street would be wider than the current parking lanes
  • The new bicycle lane would also serve as a buffer between parked cars and cars traveling on the street

Here are a few issues the Maple Leaf Community Council has with the current proposal:

[

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SDOT offers plan to complete Roosevelt bike lane

July 11th, 2012 by master

Presentation from Seattle Department of Transportation including comments from the Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board.

At a meeting two years ago to introduce a plan to add a bike lane through Maple Leaf on Roosevelt Way Northeast, many neighbors in the south end spoke up when they learned that they would lose parking on the west side of the street from Northeast 75th to 85th streets.

Although the Seattle Department of Transportation promptly restriped most of our stretch of Roosevelt with a bike lane, the agency left 75th to 85th bike lane-free in favor of studying other options.

SDOT has since revealed its verdict, and to the typical neighbor, it might appear quite the same. Once again, parking on the west side of the street will be eliminated from Northeast 75th to 85th streets, making room for a bike lane on the east side of the street, as well as providing room for buses to pull out of traffic at more of their stops.

However, the Maple Leaf Community Council Executive Board points out that the new proposal is actually quite different in that it improves rather than impedes traffic flow on that stretch. In this pdf, the council shares its comments along with the proposal SDOT presented last month, including this breakdown of their understanding of the proposal:

  • 5 parking spaces removed east side of Roosevelt Way NE just north of the signal at NE 75th.
  • 5 parking spaces removed on east side of Roosevelt to the south of intersection at 80th
  • 3 parking spaces removed on the east side of Roosevelt to the north of intersection at 80th.
  • All parking removed west side of Roosevelt from 75th to 85th.
  • Reducing three in-lane bus stops to only one.
  • Retains turning lanes so no worsening of 75th/80th intersections
  • 8-foot wide parking area at curbs (versus 7-foot standard)
  • 6-foot bike lane width (versus 5-foot standard) on east (uphill, northbound) side, sharrows on the west side
  • Retained parking enough to handle maximum parking seen during surveys, though on-street availability shifts across

In an email to Maple Leaf neighbors (subscribe here), the executive board further elaborates: [Read more →]

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Restriping to add Roosevelt bike lanes under way

October 5th, 2010 by master

Take caution of work crews when driving on Roosevelt Way Northeast for the next week or so.

Crews this week got started on the restriping project that will add a bike lane on the uphill portions and “sharrows,” a shared car-bike lane, on the downhill portions of Roosevelt Way between Northeast 85th Street and Northeast 105th Street.

Carol McMahan, with the Seattle Department of Transportation, says the work should take about a week, depending on how much the weather cooperates.

Today crews were working at moving the center line – and marking it with new yellow buttons – to make room for the bike lanes, and McMahan said that within a few days they will probably start painting new parking lane stripes, which means there also will be some temporary parking restrictions on Roosevelt to allow enough room for the striping to take place.

So in addition to keeping your eye out for work crews, take heed of any temporary parking signs before you park your car on Roosevelt.

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Parking on Roosevelt isn't going anywhere for now

July 28th, 2010 by master

At this point, bike lanes are imminent on much of Roosevelt Way Northeast as it makes its way through Maple Leaf, but the plan is on hold for now from Northeast 75th Street to Northeast 85th Street.

The majority of the project, which aims to add bike lanes to the uphill portions of Roosevelt and shared car-bike lanes in the downhill portions from Northeast 75th to Northeast 115th streets, is slated to take place later this year.

However, adding the bike lanes and “sharrows” to the narrower portion of the road from Northeast 75th to 85th streets would require taking away parking on the west side of the street, and it looks like that part of the proposal is on hold until at least 2011. (Read more about the project on our earlier post.)

From the Seattle Department of Transportation:

In order to conduct additional traffic and parking analysis over the fall and winter months, SDOT is postponing implementation of the plan between NE 75th Street and NE 85th Street until 2011.  We anticipate the 15th Avenue Bridge will reopen by that time and traffic on Roosevelt will normalize.  We will return to the community in early 2011 with an updated proposal.     

The department said it received more than 100 comments on the project, which in addition to residents lamenting the loss of parking from Northeast 85th to 75th streets, also included concerns about transit losing its extra southbound lane where parking now is prohibited just during the morning commute.

But commenters also spoke in favor of additional bicycle facilities, more marked crosswalks and traffic calming, including a request from the Maple Leaf Community Council for additional crosswalks at the intersections of Northeast 92nd Street, Northeast 91st Street, Northeast 89th Street, Northeast 94th Street and Northeast 97th Street. The project already includes the addition of a marked crosswalk at Northeast 90th Street.

What do you think about the plan to now add the bike lane and sharrows only from Northeast 85th to 115th streets?

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Push is on for more crosswalks on Roosevelt

July 26th, 2010 by master

The Maple Leaf Community Council isn’t about to let the city put in a bike lane through much of Maple Leaf’s portion of Roosevelt Way Northeast without at least trying to get some of its own concessions, namely crosswalks at some of the arterial’s busiest intersections.

The Seattle Department of Transportation is planning to add a dedicated bike lane to the uphill portions of Roosevelt, with a shared car-bike lane on the downhill portions. The project also is slated to eliminate parking on the west side of Roosevelt from Northeast 85th Street to Northeast 75th Street.

The department is taking comments through Wednesday on the project, including input on where residents would like to see additional crosswalks in addition to the marked crosswalk it plans to add at Northeast 90th Street.

Here’s where the Community Council would like additional painted crosswalks:

  1. Northeast 92nd Street, south side
  2. Northeast 91st Street, south side
  3. Northeast 89th Street, south side
  4. Northeast 94th Street, north side
  5. Northeast 97th Street, south side

Where would you like to see additional crosswalks not only on Roosevelt, but also at other intersections throughout Maple Leaf?

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Deadline for comments on Roosevelt plan is July 28

July 14th, 2010 by master

Brian Dougherty with the Seattle Department of Transportation has followed up with the 50-plus community members who signed in at the open house on Monday that has resulted in the highest number of comments Maple Leaf Life has seen yet.

Surely some of you also would  like to make some of these same comments to the city.

You have until July 28 to submit comments and questions regarding the plan that would eliminate parking on the west side of Roosevelt Way Northeast from Northeast 75th to Northeast 85th streets, creating room for a designated bike lane in the uphill sections and a shared car-bike lane in the downhill sections of Roosevelt all the way to Northeast 105th Street.

So far, comments shared at the meeting have been similar to what we’ve read from you. Dougherty writes:

We heard support for marked crosswalks, traffic calming and bike facilities in general.  We also heard concerns about removal of on-street parking, congestion at the intersection of Roosevelt and 75th and coordination with other nearby projects such as the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park and the 15th Avenue NE bridge rehabilitation.

Dougherty says the Transportation Department will compile comments and respond to questions by Aug. 16. The final design is expected by the end of August, but you can keep track of project updates here.

To make additional comments, call 206-684-7583 or e-mail

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Should bike lane trump parking on Roosevelt?

July 13th, 2010 by master

Although cyclists appear to be in favor of a city plan to add marked bike lanes along Maple Leaf’s hilly portion of Roosevelt Way Northeast, many of the residents who live along or near the section that could lose 10 blocks of parking are not as supportive of the project.

At an open house last night at Fairview Christian School, 844 N.E. 78th St., the Seattle Department of Transportation laid the plan out and answered questions from curious as well as furious neighbors. (View a pdf of the plan here.)

The plan would add a bike lane  in the uphill sections and a shared bike-car lane (sharrows) in the downhill sections of Roosevelt between Northeast 75th Street and Northeast 105th Street. To make space for the bike lane on the narrower section between Northeast 75th Street and Northeast 85th Street, the plan also calls for eliminating parking on the west side of Roosevelt along that stretch.

And although parts of that section already prohibit parking on the west side during morning commute hours, simply adding that time limit on parking to the entire 10-block stretch still wouldn’t allow enough room to safely add the bike lane and the sharrows, SDOT workers explained. Zoned parking? Also not an option at this time, although Associate Transportation Planner Brian Dougherty said that is something the department would be willing to consider in the future.

Many of those who spoke up said they don’t even live on Roosevelt, but still live close enough to feel the effects of people parking on their block to shop, dine or go to Maple Leaf Playground, and some are even suspected of commuting via bus from Roosevelt and using neighborhood streets as their own park and ride. 

Residents were quick to remind SDOT workers that parking could be even more limited once the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park is completed in 2012, which doesn’t include any plans for additional parking.

But postponing the project until the park is finished, or even until the buses that are temporarily traveling down Roosevelt return to their former routes on 15th Avenue Northeast next spring, isn’t part of the current timeline.

The goal is for the department to adopt a final plan by the end of August, with implementation by September or October. [Read more →]

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Maple Leaf updates: Buses, bridges and bicycles. Sidewalks, too.

April 30th, 2010 by Mike

Earlier we posted on bus route changes, the hottest topic at Wednesday night’s general meeting of the Maple Leaf Community Council.

Here’s some more news from the meeting, which was attended by about 80 residents and city representatives.

15th Avenue Northeast bridge. The bridge over Thornton Creek just south of Northgate Way closes May 17 until about next February. Kit Loo, project manager for the Seattle Department of Transportation, said there is no definitive schedule as yet.

Several residents wanted to know which neighborhood streets might be impacted. “Roosevelt has already become a bypass for Interstate 5. This will be worse,” one man said. Loo asked residents to let him know how it’s going – “we’re really interested in feedback” – at 206-684-3669 or

15th Avenue sidewalks and bikes. While the bridge is being rebuilt, the city is going to put in sidewalks from the bridge to Northgate Way, plus a 4-foot-wide uphill bike lane, said Megan Hoyt of the Transportation Department. There will also be a new sidewalk, separated from the street, along 15th Avenue from Northeast 94th to 97th streets. More details are here.

Roosevelt Way bicycles and pedestrians. A marked crosswalk will be installed on Roosevelt Way Northeast at Northeast 90th Street between the Perkins School and Maple Leaf Ace Hardware. “We’d been reluctant, but we studied it again and we’re going to do it,” said Brian Dougherty of the Transportation Department.

Also, some form of dedicated bike lanes are to be installed on Roosevelt between Northeast 75th and Northeast 115th streets, he said. The street varies in width, particularly between 75th and 85th streets, so one option might be to eliminate parking on the west side of the street there. Dougherty is asking for residents’ opinions – call him at 206-684-5124  or use e-mail

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