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Home burglary reported on N.E. 88th St.

October 27th, 2015 · 2 Comments

A neighbor has posted to Nextdoor Northgate/Maple Leaf that burglars hit a home on Northeast 88th Street and Fourth Avenue Northeast:

10/24, while at dinner our home was burglarized between 6 and  9 p.m..

How: The thieves disabled our motion-detector flood light and forced open the back window.

Police suggestions: We will be installing round dowels in all our window tracks. Also looking for anyone willing to share extra “home alarm” stickers we can stick to our windows. Might look into a video camera–or a fake one to scare people off.

What was taken: a phone, collector coins and heirloom quality jewelry. Nothing of value left behind.

Stay safe and watch out for each other.

So far this month police have reported about a half-dozen burglaries in Maple Leaf proper, including this one. Below is the map for October.

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