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Let’s Move campaign takes back Maple Leaf claim

October 20th, 2015 · 9 Comments

Here’s the original story from Oct. 9th.

In it the Let’s Move Seattle supporters of the $930 million transportation levy on next month’s ballot made this claim:

This claim is, on its face, rubbish – and @ButterflyForge, aka Laura Dodson, called them out on it.

Now KOMO TV has, too, in a story by Lindsay Cohen, posted Monday and updated today: Controversial tweet leads to questions about $1B ballot measure.

And the Let’s Move Campaign has taken it back – and taken down the claim.

“I want to clarify that tweet was not a scientific poll and by no means were we implying there is no opposition,” said Shefali Ranganathan, deputy director of the Transportation Choices Coalition. “I think what got lost — when you’re looking at a few characters on Twitter — is the context of it, and the context is really that we are reporting on what we heard from folks we’re targeting….

“It wasn’t possible to provide adequate context in a 140 character tweet. And it had become a distraction that was taking away from the substantive issues of the campaign, so we took it down.”

Actually, neither the claim nor the context seem especially complicated – just not true.

Incidentally, The Seattle Times this weekend took another critical look at the levy: Move Seattle levy: Better bus service or a bunch of ‘guesstimates’?

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