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Park pump house mural is started by “art ninja”

August 18th, 2015 · 7 Comments

This is the pump house at the Maple Leaf Reservoir Play Area, which is part of the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, in June.

And this is the pump house – true name Roosevelt Pump House – this week.

The mural promised by Seattle Public Utilities is begun.

SPU is working with local artist Jonathan Fischer and community member Scott K. Bishop to complete a “street-art” style mural that will wrap around the northeast corner of the building and be viewable from two sides. The mural will be created using spray paint with an anti-graffiti coating applied over the top.

More but dated information from SPU is here.

Information about the artist, who uses his Japanese family name Wakuda, is here, here, and here. (That’s a screen grab of the top of his web site above. At top right it says “Art. Ninja. Japanese Street Art.”

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