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Questions and answers for City Council election

June 9th, 2015 · No Comments

Update June 11: The Stranger has an update on the mayor’s $930 million proposed transportation levy.

In addition to the video of last week’s City Council forum, the Maple Leaf Community Council sent all local candidates a questionnaire, as it has done for every citywide election since 2011.

The questions, and the candidates’ answers, are now posted here.

We have delivered the questionnaire to all candidates for Seattle City Council in District 4, District 5, Position 8, and Position 9 who were registered by the city’s registration deadline…. The deadline for responses from the candidates was June 1, 2015.

The amount of work that went into this is considerable. Each of 18 candidate replies can be downloaded. (Five candidates did not respond.)

Reading the responses takes a fair amount of work, too. Some can be rough slogging.

Things to look for:

* Does the candidate rely on Mayor Ed Murray’s $930 million Move Seattle levy – the largest proposed levy in Seattle history – to fund improvements?

The city believes the levy – at about $300 a year for a half-million dollar home – will be strongly supported, but Crosscut talked to several experts who aren’t so sure. Seattle PI columnist Joel Connelly has a similar take.

* How does the candidate reconcile affordable housing with increasing density?

* Does the candidate believe it’s necessary for our neighborhoods to form additional taxing districts (LIDs) to pay for things like sidewalks?

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