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Home burglaries and car crimes here

May 23rd, 2015 · 2 Comments

Christina emails:

On Tuesday, May 19th, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. thieves broke into a house on Eighth Avenue Northeast between Northeast 85th and 86th streets.

They smashed a door window in the back to let themselves in and ransacked several rooms stealing cameras, tablets, cash, and jewelry. This was particularly brazen as it occurred in the middle of the day across the street from a church and school (St. Catherine).

No one claims to have seen anything or anyone suspicious on that block, but one neighbor said a man was seen that day on Northeast 88th Street falsely claiming to be a meter reader.

The Seattle Police crime map above shows six home burglaries so far this month in Maple Leaf. Most of them follow the pattern Christina described. (The gray circles are business burglaries, not homes.)

Another burglary report was emailed on May 12th: “Just emailing you to let you know of a break-in on the 2000 block of Northeast 97th Street on Monday 5/11 around 4:30 p.m.

“Back door kicked in, house ransacked, TV, empty purse and some family heirloom jewelry stolen. A neighbor identified the car as an older model large white sedan, possibly a town car or similar, with dark tinted windows”

Car Crimes

On Twitter, Gabi asks of both us and police: “I heard from a neighbor there have been car break-ins, but have not heard anything from @SPD. Can anyone confirm this?”

She mentions Northeast 80th and 85th streets and around the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.

A different neighbor emailed this story of a car prowl May 14th on Northeast 97th Street.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought perhaps I’d forgotten to lock the door to my new car (now that I have to press a fancy button instead of just hand-locking the door!!!).

Sure enough, when I woke up my car had been ransacked. Lucky for me, it’s new so I have nothing in it.

I saw my neighbor and told her what happened, she laughed that she never locks her doors, and lo and behold, her car also had been ransacked.

They stole some of her change and a nice pair of sunglasses, and my old-ass iPod. Hardly worth the work. So annoying. We both filed reports 🙂

The map at right shows car prowls and stolen cars in Maple Leaf so far this month.

In response to Gabi, Seattle Police tweeted: “Appears #SeaStat data for Maple Leaf/Roosevelt/Ravenna area shows 19% drop in prowls for 1st 5.5 mos of the year.”

However, that number would not include the Northgate Transit Center and mall, as SPD says they are in the Northgate section of SeaStat.

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