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A mural for Maple Leaf’s water tower?

April 25th, 2015 · 10 Comments

Annie emails: “I saw an article in Maple Leaf Life back in August of 2010 associated with a media release to keep the water tower in Maple Leaf.

“I’m an artist taking a mural class at North Seattle College and live a few blocks from the water tower. One of my assignments is to propose a public mural, and I couldn’t help but think about a hypothetical proposal for the water tower to have a facelift!

“This is hypothetical as an assignment, but I’ll be designing and proposing with all considerations a mural to be hypothetically painted. I’m interested in information to do my project. Measurements are a must. This will potentially be a plan the city may want to use.

“Do you know where I could access the schematic plan for the 1948 build of the tower? Do you know who’s in charge of making a decision about the tower’s aesthetics? Any opinions about the message of the artwork?

“We could create a poll and ask on the blog what people want to see.”

We’ll put Annie in touch with Andy Ryan, media relations coordinator for Seattle Public Utilities.

The tower, as we’ve reported, has now been empty of water for years, and will not be returned to service. It doesn’t meet modern earthquake standards.

The city is leaving it up as a landmark (and platform for antennas). Other suggestions here have included turning it into an observation platform, a rotating restaurant or a  hawk aerie.

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