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The (very many) dogs of Maple Leaf

February 28th, 2015 · 3 Comments

Dog note: Seattle DogSpot posts the news that the state Legislature passed a bill making it illegal to leave a pet locked in a car under dangerous conditions.

Calvin as shark this past Halloween.

Sorry, Maple Leaf.

Despite repeated assertions over years that Maple Leaf (or at least the 98115 zip code) has more Dog Density than any neighborhood in Seattle, we don’t.

Not even close.

We know this thanks to our news partners The Seattle Times, whose FYI Guy has crunched the numbers by zip code.

Green Lake, Ballard – even downtown – top the Dog Density list, with more than 800 dogs per square mile.

The Maple Leaf Dog Oasis, a prime protector and feeder of local canines, regrets to learn this.

(HOWEVER we can report, anecdotally, that dog traffic at the Oasis has doubled – perhaps tripled – since the opening of the north entrance to the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park. We know this because the treat jar at the Oasis now has to be refilled daily.)

In Maple Leaf, Dog Density is between 400 and 600. In the 98115 zip code, that’s 80 dogs per 1,000 residents.

One zip code north of Ballard boasts 116 dogs per 1,000 two-legs.

The Dog Oasis is neutral on the Times’ finding that the most popular dog name here is “Lucy.”

There are a total of 490 dogs named Lucy in the city, and that’s not including variants of the name, like Lucy Latte (could a dog name get any more Seattle?).

If you go to the Times’ dog map, note that it’s interactive.

Also:  “In Seattle, one out of seven dogs is a Lab, and the breed dominates all but two Seattle ZIP codes: Downtown’s 98101 and Pioneer Square’s 98104 — Chihuahuas hold court in both.”

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