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Tonight’s community meeting is live

January 28th, 2015 · 4 Comments

Seattle Police Officers M. Rios and Nic Plemel address the meeting.

More than 70 neighbors are at this evening’s meeting of the Maple Leaf Community Council.

The agenda includes briefings on the old Waldo Hospital site, traffic on Lake City Way, crime in the neighborhood, and new apartments near Northgate Mall.

Questions were raised over homeless camps in Thornton Creek, drug use and squatters inĀ  vacant buildings.

“A common problem with vacant buildings is determining who has the actual (legal) authority over the building,” said Officer M. Rios. Otherwise, “our legal authority to move somebody out is very limited,” she said.

Also, who responds to off-leash dog complaints at Maple Leaf Reservoir Park?

“We would try to de-escalate the situation first,” said Officer Nic Plemel, adding: “I have not personally responded once to an off-leash dog call.” (Which would normally be handled by the city’s animal control department.)

The officers and audience members seemed to agree that communication between neighbors is key. “Your neighbors are the best defense you have” against property crimes such as car prowls and burglaries, said Rios.

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