September 15

Gunshots on N.E. 92nd early this morning – Subaru hit



“Heads up to the area,” Katie emails.

At around 1:30 a.m. between three and four gunshots were heard by several neighbors on Northeast 92nd Street between Eighth and Fifth avenues northeast, followed by the sound of car tires peeling out.

“This morning I saw that my neighbor’s car had a bullet hole in the back seat.”

One shot clearly broke the back window of this Subaru Forester before embedding in the right rear seat.

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  1. Who was making a joke about Utah?

    Why do you think SPD is doing such a craptastic job right now? Can you tell me how many bullets have already been prevented from that $289 million?

  2. And it’s not cute or funny when bullets are flying around our neighborhood. So make all the jokes about Subarus and Utah you want – if one of these bullets hits you, you will be signing a very different tune.

  3. The Seattle Police budget this year is $289 million. That’s right. It’s time they earned their money and started arresting these kinds of criminals.

  4. Good lord. What is this Belltown??!! Us Maple Leafers need to look out for each more than than ever.

    Screw being PC. The best option is to profile. If it doesn’t look right, sound right, or act right, be suspious.

  5. I found a gray safe with it’s door ripped off on NE 106th just east of 8th NE, by the beaver dam. Anybody lose a safe lately?

    A call to the police about it did not result in it’s being picked up. I don’t know that it would have resulted in any case being solved.

    I am gonna toss it in the dumpster nearby if I can pick it up. Better there than somebody toss it in the creek.

  6. Maybe the same idiots involved with the Metro bus incident on September 5th at 65th and Aurora?

    I am not anti gun, but anti idiot.

    Hope they got identifiable slugs from both incidents for the forensic lab.

    Can we tar and feather a white Toyota?

  7. Right after the shots there was a car speeding north on 8th ne from 92nd and shortly after a white vehicle sped east up 94th. I am on the corner of 8th and 94th. I called 911 but never saw a cruiser even come by.

  8. There have been a good many drug deals going on 5th ave ne, even within the posted “DrugFree School Zone” area for St. Catherines is it?.

    This may not be drug related but with the amount of drug activity sooner or later this was bound to happen from a bad transaction.

  9. If you ate sick and tired of this shit. You may want to start calling the North Precinct Community Policing Team
    (206) 684-0794
    Call for chronic, on-going problems that have not been resolved by calling 9-1-1.

    The captain there is David Emerick

  10. Could this be related to the dope slinging smack using hoodlums on the middle of the 300 block of 89th street?

    Someone said they saw a light colored sedan speed away. Was it a white Toyota?

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