August 4

Silver Platters, SAS Shoes, others to leave Northgate Station for light rail



Sound Transit got back to us today, confirming it will acquire Northgate Station –  the strip mall that houses Silver Platters, SAS Shoes and several other stores.

The site will instead become a part of the link between the Maple Leaf Portal and the Northgate Light Rail station.

“As the station and guideway construction plans moved past 90% it became apparent that we would not be able to maintain reasonable access for the businesses for at least two years while we build the guideway through the area,” emails Bruce Gray, public information officer for Sound Transit.

“Four of the large columns supporting the guideway will be on the property and as the designs progressed, it became clear that we can’t put them in while maintaining access to the tenants.”

The mall is immediately south of the Northgate Transit Center, and just east of First Avenue Northeast and Interstate 5.

Gray said that by now all the businesses in the mall should have been contacted.

Sound Transit will pay for all moving expenses and up to $50K in costs associated with reestablishing their businesses at a new location. Our people will also help the businesses find suitable new locations and work closely with them throughout the process.

In other light rail news, Sound Transit emailed on Thursday:

The first of two tunnel boring machines that will build the Northgate Link tunnels between the University of Washington Station and Northgate Station is having a good start. Today it will have travelled 500 feet since crews began mining south from the Maple Leaf Portal near NE 94th Street in early July. Crews expect the first TBM to reach Roosevelt Station in early 2015.

The light rail line here is set to begin operating in 2021.

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  1. I shop at Silver Platters and the Orowheat store a lot, and Silvia’s some. I don’t think any of those places could afford Thornton and I don’t think they’d get the same traffic over there. This is really unfortunate. Those light rail stations have pushed a lot of businesses out (look at the area around Roosevelt and 65th) and I agree, they can’t possibly afford the rents at places we’d think would be convenient.


    That’s what I heard, but still rooting for a Trader Joe’s.

    Regarding Mr. Epps and his dear Mom, they were panhandling at the Ross Corner until pulling their latest caper, car jacking. Kendrick is held on $250,000 bail First Degree Robbery, Nancy Jo is at $40,000, same charge.

    Still no response from the CSO concerning loitering/jaywalking/begging in the middle of the street like that. You don’t see it in Magnolia, Madrona or Mt. Baker. Methinks we age getting the stinky end of the stick @Northgate.

    Will try again.

  3. Looking at the alignment (large PDF) it doesn’t appear there will be much of an impact to the former Marie Callendar’s. It looks like it might be possible for the Silver Platters (or anyone else in that space) to stay open; I think they’d have enough of a buffer.

    ST will buy the property and after they’re done with it they’ll sell it. I wonder who would be interested in buying it–it’s not a very deep lot unless you also buy some of the parking lot of the office park behind it.

  4. Wallace referring 525 NE Northgate Way. Part 2 next to the building that has 24 hour fitness. Still a mystery as to the ground floor retail going in there. Only hint I got was ‘Total Wine”

  5. Had lunch at Sunny Teriyaki for the first time. Excellent. They said they figured about a year before they move. Then went over to Orowheat and they said same and reassured me they will stay in the hood somewhere. Other thoughts for moving possibilities not sure if Wallace has all their storefronts leased yet. Rumor has it the Bevmo plaza will be torn down with yet more mixed use and retail possibilities. Either place would be an excellent location if affordable.

  6. Brad, I agree. However there is more foot traffic at Thornton than there is here, so perhaps slowly but surely they could “grow into” their new lease. But operating retail stores isn’t my area of expertise so what do I know?

  7. Tim, I suspect that the rent those business were paying at their current location is less than what Thornton Place or Northgate Mall will want to charge them. They may be moving, but if they want lease rates per square foot similar to what they’re paying now, it won’t be to Thornton Place or the Mall. It suspect it will be to Lake City or somewhere up on Aurora Avenue.

  8. Jean: That location hasn’t been a UPS Store for years. They cancelled their franchise and are independent. I have my own UPS account and print out USPS labels myself so there’s never been a need for me to visit a shipping store so I can’t say if the independent store offers better or worse service.

    Also, the UPS Store in Oak Tree Village has a 6pm latest pickup whereas Northgate Mail & Ship is at 5pm.

  9. Seems like a lot of people missed a key word in the article: moving. Nowhere does it say the businesses are shutting down.

    Last time I was at Thornton, there were at least three empty spaces north of the Subway. And Sbarro moved out of the mall so there’s that space too.

  10. I always forget about that strip of businesses, I don’t think I’ve been to any of them in 15 years. Hopefully with all the costs to relocated being paid for by Sound Transit, they can stay in the neighborhood and get a more visible location. Really glad to see progress on the light rail, Seattle is so behind on having a good mass transit system.

  11. Does that also change plans for the proposed Hampton Inn at the former Marie Callender site? I go to the Orowheat outlet at least once a week and was getting ready to try the teriyaki place where the cops always go to lunch. Dang!!!

  12. Really sad to lose this collection of businesses that offered so much to the community. Really miss Marie Callenders and now this. The teriyaki place is great, the bread store is a good place to shop, love SAS shoes and Silver Platters. Also good to have a UPS store nearby. Seattle is changing and not for the better.

  13. It sounds as if the Oroweat (sic) bakery goods outlet store is closing down at that location, too. Just another example of how Seattle is losing any benefit for the Average Working Stiff.

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