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Problem: We don’t see a single Subaru on this map

July 25th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Do Northgate residents really read GQ?

Do people who live along Lake City Way “have it all?”

Do northern neighbors within easy walking distance of Maple Leaf Reservoir Park really live the “American Dream?” While to the south we are a neighborhood of “Young Digerati?”

Our news partner The Seattle Times today has a fascinating piece based on census tracts and Nielsen marketing data.

“This data is intended to help marketers target likely customers — but it’s also pretty entertaining,” writes Gene Balk, the Times’ FYI guy.

His story, “What your Seattle address says about you,”  is here. The interactive map, a chunk of which is posted above, is here.

According to the marketing experts, who use a sorting hat to come up with  66 demographic categories into which we are digitally put:

Northgate residents are 32.4 percent “Big City Blues” living in older apartment complexes, and 23.3  percent “Urban Elders” who read GQ.

East of Northgate, toward Lake City Way, we are 30.7 percent “Money & Brains” – advanced degrees, sophisticated tastes and driving Mercedes Class E autos, and 27.4 percent “American Dreams” who go to the zoo and drive VW Tiguans.

In the middle of Maple Leaf (including Maple Leaf Life South) we are 35.1 percent “American Dreams” and 22.8 percent Money & Brains, traveling often for business.

South of the park we are 40.5 percent “Young Digerati” – driving Audi A3s, living the trendy micro-brew lifestyle and flying to Asia now and then.

The problem here is obvious. The national car of Seattle is nowhere mentioned.

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