February 8

Two empty storefronts in Maple Leaf



Missing from our neighborhood this weekend: The Snow Goose art gallery and San Marco Grocery.

The Snow Goose, at 8806 Roosevelt Way N.E., is empty, and a phone call went unanswered.  It’s been at that location since 1993, according to our news partner The Seattle Times.

And earlier in the week Jennifer wondered what was happening at San Marco, 8416 Fifth Ave. N.E. “They haven’t been open since Saturday Feb. 1.”

And today Kevin emailed: “I stopped in to the San Marco Grocery Friday evening for a bottle of wine only to find people packing up the inventory.” He says the owner told him they are moving – it wasn’t clear where.

She and her husband were such nice, welcoming people. A great part of our community. We hugged and she said “I will miss you. Tell your wife, your son I will miss them.” 🙁

Interestingly, San Marco was the only place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables that was – technically – within the borders of Maple Leaf.  Both the Safeway on Northeast 75th Street and the QFC off Northeast Northgate Way are just outside the Maple Leaf Community Council’s declared borders.

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  1. I’ll sorely miss San Marco market. I’d stop by nearly every Saturday and Sunday to pick something up. The owners are super nice, a great family. I’ll be craving their turkey sandwiches, now that they are gone.

    I hope it will all turn out okay for them.

  2. We go to the Maple Leaf Grill regularly and there always seems to be people there. I enjoy the inevitable good conversation at the bar.

    Isn’t Tattva’s Herbs primarily online sales?

  3. The landlord, from what I heard, refused to renew the San Marco lease. I’m betting the space will be empty for quite awhile. It’s real loss for the neighborhood as the Seven Eleven on Roosevelt is basically a junk food shop.

  4. I can’t even count the times I have stopped on the way home or run over there quickly for a forgotten grocery item. Always a smiling face and a kind word, we will miss them greatly. I hope they thrive wherever they moved.

  5. Oh no! San Marco will be missed by our family. They were always so friendly. And when snowed in, they were always an easy walk to get a few groceries. I will miss seeing their friendly faces. Best wishes to them.

  6. I walked by Snow Goose on a cold Monday night (2/3) as a woman was finishing up packing a van. I didn’t inquire about the circumstance, but the whole scene had a decidedly forlorn quality.

    Ive been wondering ever since about what types of businesses could do well in maple leaf. Shops seems to be either thriving (Cloud City, Flying Squirrel, Bead World) or barely surviving (Maple Leaf Grill, Tattva’s Herbs). Hope we can continue to both sustain and attract.

  7. Very sorry to hear about the Snow Goose, but the closure of San Marco should be no surprise. They generally carried vegetables that were fresh about 2 weeks ago. And the area around their dumpster was always a smelly, littered haven for vermin. I hope a quality business with a neighborly attitude will soon occupy the spot.

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