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Comment by tomorrow on new school boundaries

October 20th, 2013 · 26 Comments

UPDATE: The School Board has extended its school boundary survey deadline until 6 p.m. Oct. 25.

Shown above is the proposed new Olympic View school boundary on top of the current one.

We’ve received a few emails from parents about the new boundaries proposed for Seattle Public Schools, which Olympic View Elementary parent Aiko Schaefer says would “splinter Maple Leaf kids to an even greater number of different schools.” She continues:

Schools are anchors to communities, the latest SPS proposal has Maple Leaf kids going every which way to school. The kids in the neighborhood play and grow up together, it will be a shame if they are not able to also learn together. I’m hoping Maple Leaf residents are able to weigh in on this proposal and help ensure we keep our neighborhood kids together.

In a nutshell, here is the current boundary for Olympic View, which was implemented when the school district moved to neighborhood schools in fall 2010. And here is a link to the school’s proposed new boundaries, which another parent pointed out would have children between Roosevelt and 15th Avenue Northeast who previously attended Olympic View crossing busy, unsidewalked 15th Avenue Northeast to reach Sacajawea Elementary.

But the splintering continues after elementary school, Schaefer says, which is shown by the new boundary proposal for middle schools and high schools:

(This proposal) splinters neighborhood kids to 3 different assignment areas. Overlaying the current assignment area for OV, the purple area starting at 100th north, sends OV kids to the new Jane Addams Middle School (to be established) then onto Nathan Hale High School. The salmon color running down the middle or Roosevelt then east will send kids to Eckstein Middle School then on to Roosevelt High School. The blue area that is between 100th and 75th and everything west of Roosevelt will send kids to Wilson Pacific Middle School (to be rebuilt and created) then on to Ingraham High School.

Now some things to note, the transition plan moving kids to school areas where buildings will be demolished and rebuilt over the next 3-4 years (with the recent levy dollars). Here’s the transition plan:

  1. Wilson Pacific is slated to be demolished next fall. They’ll begin rebuilding and kids assigned there will be funneled into Eckstein or Jane Addams for 2 years, then Wilson Pacific will open in 2016. Example, my kid who is going to middle school next fall will be at 1 school for 2 years, then moved to Wilson Pacific.
  2. While the Jane Addams building exists, the Middle School program does not. Currently that building houses the Jane Addams K-8 which will move to Pinehurst, which has been closed and will be demolished and rebuilt. The K-8 program will be temporarily housed in the John Marshall building near Green Lake.

I have the feeling we’re barely breaking the ice with the impacts these proposed changes will have on our community, so please share your comments below, and be sure to share them by the end of Oct. 21 (tomorrow!) with the School Board, which is accepting comments through this survey.

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