August 1

Photos from the 2013 Maple Leaf Summer Ice Cream Social



These photos courtesy of Dane Doerflinger, a Maple Leaf resident and professional photographer.

As we wrote Wednesday night after the social wrapped up, it was successful despite the change of venue, thunder and a little rain, AND the automatic sprinklers going off in the Olympic View Elementary School playground.

Pretty much everybody got wet feet, and had a good time anyway.

David Miller, Maple Leaf Community Council president, and Donna Hartmann-Miller (shown here), also a council member and its point person on the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, did much of the work.As did Grace Seidel. Thanks!

See more photo from Dane here. You can also see his photos from previous social years, 2012, 2011 and 2010.

Incidentally, a number of visitors to the Maple Leaf Life table nominated neighborhood yards for our Best Garden in Maple Leaf contest. We’ll be visiting those gardens soon, and taking photos!

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  1. From the February 2013 “Washington State Construction News”

    About the Marie Callendar property:

    “A hotel development, in planning for a site located at 9538 First Avenue NE in the Seattle area, is working its way through the City of Seattle design guidance-review process. The developers have requested permission to construct a 6-story, 174-room hotel. Parking for 115 vehicles will be located below-grade. The applicant for this project is Northgate Lodging LLP (Gramor Development Washington). Construction will require the demolition and removal of an existing structure on the site.”

    I imagine it is being built in anticipation of the 2021 opening of the light rail station.

  2. Thanks David.

    Any news on the NW corner of Northgate Way and Roosevelt? The old BP Station site. It appears that a right turn lane is being installed to west Northgate Way?

    Or the NW corner of 5th and NE 103rd? The old Malmo site. I know it betrays my age to use “Malmo” as the identifier.

    These are two prime sites for development.

  3. Regarding the Wallace development, I asked (email) Kevin about a month ago about the Trader Joes and though he reponded to other things in the correspondence he didn’t answer about the development. The new station development area would be a great choice for TJ. We’ll all be dead before Mulally does anything 😉

  4. I think it is going to be a RiteAid, but I’m not sure I’m remembering it correctly.

    Trader Joe’s is apparently interested in the area. I’m hoping for right at the station in the new development there. Also a possibility is the Mulally property where the Northgate Apartments are now.

  5. When Wallace first mentioned the Trader Joes my knee jerk reaction was cool. Then on further reflection I think it not the best choice for a pedestrian designated street front. This for transparency and egress reasons. Small shops a better choice. The 24 hour fitness folks don’t even seem to know where to park as the majority of them park at the mall. Why the mall doesn’t object is beyond me. They seem to be snarly about everything to do with their property.

  6. Darn! I missed it due to an engagement with my husband’s work (all the top brass). I already marked the calendar for next year and look forward to meeting everyone!

    Wow, I would LOVE a Trader Joe’s in the neighborhood. I currently do 75% of my household shopping with them (family of five with three teen boys) at the Roosevelt location. How cool would it be to have them right here? Our house alone would make it worth their while! LOL

  7. If not Trader Joe’s can you let us in on the secret?

    Remember the area supported three groceries at one time, the Mall QFC, Lucky, and Market Place where QFC is now. The population was a lot smaller then. I have pushed for Trader Joe’s to also consider the old Lucky site (now TJ Maxx).

    Sprinklers?! I thought we had a microburst rainstorm prior to our arrival. That is kinda funny…sorry.

  8. Great Social everyone! I’m glad it worked out well in spite of the thunder and sprinklers. Good grief. (-:

  9. I’d like to pass along my thanks to everyone who pitched in to help us cover the sprinkler heads. The custodian didn’t have a key readily available for that, so we have to make do with chairs and a few bucket. Props to Mike Kelley and Maple Leaf Ace Hardware for rushing over another couple dozen 5-gal buckets so we could get the rest covered.

    BIG thanks to Collaboration Station for allowing us to use their bathrooms and store chairs/tables. The event would have been about 3x more expensive and a MUCH bigger hassle without their help.

    We appreciate all the help we got from SPS and Parks, but we’ll be glad to be back at the park July 30, 2014 (mark the date!).

    David Miller

    P.S.: It’s not going to be a Trader Joes. Perhaps at the Mullaly redevelopment or on the KC site as it is redeveloped (where the current surface park and ride is at).

  10. Peter Steinbrueck was there, attentive to concerns about pedestrian throughput in North Maple Leaf/Transit Center (sidewalks), stormwater, cut through traffic, etc.

    Diorama of new Reservoir Park was interesting, especially tree placement locations.

    Development options around new Transit Center very interesting.

    Plans seem to include dealing with the Northgate Way I-5 underpass: better bike access, discouraging the transient campers with a logical design. It could use some attention, for sure.

    Apparently NE 103rd is being considered as getting a sidewalk all the way to Roosevelt. I think NE 92nd from the overpass to 5th is getting a sidewalk?

    Much money is going to be spent developing around the station, including a new hotel where Callendar’s was. The County owns the parking lot west of 3rd NE, which is going to be used as staging during construction, then developed.

    No decision yet on placement of new North Precinct.

    City is interested in maintaining vehicle access through the block when the BevMo strip mall is eventually redeveloped. Might that allow NE 105th to be converted to a pedestrian/bike promenade adjacent to the park/library/community center/playground?

    Also, City is aware of the apparent right of way/easement that stretches from The Park Apartments lawn (by the poolhouse) west to 8th NE and may consider a trail/path from 8th NE through to Roosevelt along the rock wall border between the apartments and Park Six?

    Is Bridging the Gap money going to extend the sidewalk along 8th NE at NE 106th southward?

    Lastly, is Trader Joe’s going to open a store in the new Wallace Properties building at 8th and Northgate Way?

    Big changes coming, not all bad I hope.

    Editor: Thanks, John!

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