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Watch out! Maple Leaf is "increasingly popular"

May 28th, 2013 · 8 Comments

In a recent slideshow on, Maple Leaf got something better than just a photo.

The slideshow, called “Where is that home, really?” includes the description: “Home listings often claim a neighborhood that’s not their own.”

It begins with what you would expect, a claim that if a listing says a home is in Green Lake, you should probably assume the home is not within a stone’s throw of the lake – it could even be as far as North Seattle Community College!

But Green Lake isn’t the only neighborhood that’s misidentified. Apparently, Maple Leaf is also a trendy label these days. According to slide 5:

It seems even fewer sellers want to identify as being in the Roosevelt neighborhood. Homes there often claim Ravenna or increasingly popular Maple Leaf.

Just for the record, here is the Maple Leaf Community Council’s official map of Maple Leaf, which runs from Northeast 75th Street to Northgate Way and from I-5 to Lake City Way (but minus Northgate Mall and Victory Heights).

Move over Green Lake, here comes Maple Leaf!

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