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Seen a lost sheltie in Maple Leaf?

December 19th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Bentley is lost somewhere in the neighborhood after running away on Dec. 8, writes David.

“After nearly a week of searching and putting up signs, we were feeling a bit hopeless. Amazingly, the next day, on Saturday, December 15th, someone saw him in their backyard, on the corner of Northeast 108th Street and Roosevelt, in the Thornton Creek.

“We do believe he’s still in the neighborhood, so we’re trying to alert as many people as possible.”

Could you please just make a note that if he’s seen, that he should not be chased or called out too…. He might come to food, but shelties are notoriously skittish. Often attempts to chase him or catch him by hand just drive him further away. Our hope is that if we can find out where he’s spending time, we might be able to corner him in a yard, or catch him with a safe and harmless humane trap. If someone could alert me at (310) 924-0978, I can be there quickly.

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