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"Prolific burglar," age 18, tied to burglaries of homes while owners sleep

March 15th, 2012 · 16 Comments

It’s a name right out of a cheap crime novel: Maxfield P. Dare.

The language prosecutors and police use to describe him fits, too. A “prolific burglar,” with 15 felony convictions at age 18, according to charging papers.

Dare is suspected in some of a string of North End burglaries of homes, often at night while the owners are asleep inside.

He couldn’t have done all of them, though. Dare was arrested in Lake City on March 6 on March 10, after being spotted in a stolen car in Lake City on March 6, and burglaries were continuing as late as March 10.

In a statemete the King County Prosecutor’s office said:

Repeat burglar Maxfield Dare, 18, is facing new charges for several recent crimes in the Seattle area. Dare was charged today with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and Trafficking in Stolen Property First Degree in connection with two recent North Seattle burglaries during which two cars and other items were allegedly stolen.

The charging documents, in calling Dare a prolific burglar, state “the State is very concerned for the safety of the community.

“The defendant’s M.O. is to break into occupied residences at night and steal cars….This is the exact same thing he did in 10 of his 15 felony convictions when he was a a juvenile,” the documents state. “Residential burglaries are inherently dangerous.”

Dare remains in jail on $200,000 bail. According to the charging papers:

Dare and two co-defendants are (also) charged with Robbery Second Degree for allegedly robbing three men of their cell phones and wallets in the U District on March 2.

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