March 6

More north Seattle burglaries of occupied homes, including a Maple Leaf attempt



In the continuing saga of north end burglaries, a Maple Leaf neighbor emails Monday night:

Someone attempted to break in on Friday; they ripped of my storm door and broke a window on my French doors. The slide lock was bent but it doesn’t look like anyone got in.

She lives on Northeast 96th Street between Eighth Avenue Northeast and Roosevelt Way Northeast. She continued:

I filled a police report and the cop said they have an idea who is responsible for the break ins. There are some people that live somewhere on Roosevelt and have been in jail but are now out and they may be to blame. They told me to tell all the neighbors and let you guys know that we all need to look out for each other so we can catch them in the act.

This morning Seattle Police Detective Renee Witt sent an email with the title, “North Seattle Burglar strikes again,” followed with more information this afternoon from Terrie Johnston, police crime prevention coordinator.

In the early morning hours today, there were occupied burglaries in the 4000 block of Sunnyside Avenue North, the 4100 block. of Sunnyside, and the 4200 block of Meridian Avenue North.

The criminal(s) entered through unlocked front door; unlocked back doors. Homeowners and their children were home sleeping at the time of these crimes, believed to have occurred between the hours of midnight – 6 a.m. Purses, laptops, Blackberry, camera, phone and car keys taken. One vehicle was subsequently taken.

Please check your doors and windows before leaving your home and before going to bed. It is common to open a window when cooking or showering, for example. Perhaps one of your house guests inadvertently left a window open without your realizing this.

Contractors might ask you to leave a window open so they can put an extension cord through for power, check it out! We need to slow the criminals down and hope they make enough noise to catch a watchful neighbor’s attention!

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  1. I agree that all this needs to stop. It’s sad that my pre-bed routine has to include locking the storm door, front door, checking the other doors, checking the windows, and then setting the alarm. I also lock my car again from the inside with the remote as well. My car was broken into last year while sitting in my driveway.

    I can’t believe these burglars have the guts to break into occupied homes. Like others have said, they will soon run into the wrong homeowner and get what they deserve.

  2. After a week of managing the mess of being the target of these burglars, I’m REALLY ready to see them caught. I now have two full-time jobs: the one I get paid for and the one THEY got paid for and left for me to clean up. PLEASE lock your doors folks and look out for one another. And cross yoru fingers they find my car….

  3. These guys are seriously playing with fire. Our house alone has several means of self defense. If they open the wrong bedroom door, they better hope they’re wearing a vest.

  4. I can hardly wait to hear the headlines “Intruder shot by homeowner” in the Maple Leaf blogs. Sick of this nonsense & these loser people who think they can keep disrupting people’s lives. It’s time somebody “disrupted” theirs forever. Call me harsh but these folks really have nothing to offer society but a large bill for all the court/jail/police time $pent.

  5. My first thought as well. Their luck will soon run out and they will be shot. I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

  6. Gosh no kidding. Or a giant, silent observant Rottweiler!

    I used to have a neighbor, who I only knew through another neighbor, who slept on the couch with a shotgun on his coffee table. Seriously. (He’s since passed.) Eventually they’ll run into something really bad.

  7. It’s a matter of time until this burglar runs into someone that’s armed and gets shot. Breaking into occupied houses is just stupid.

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