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Neighbor reports home burglary last night

January 28th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Update Jan. 29: Several other residents have recently emailed us about break-ins at neighboring homes or businesses.

One reported that Olympic View Community Church, at Fifth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 95th Street, was broken into twice last weekend. The expanded police reports, now available, show several thousand dollars of damage and stolen electronics.

In addition, a week ago another resident at Roosevelt Way Northeast and Northeast 88th Street emailed:

My neighbor just came over to warn me that his apartment had been broken into on Friday. He’s unsure of what’s been taken at this point but the front door sustained damage. A police report was filed. The resident suspected it happened in the afternoon but piecing together details, we now believe the break-in happened sometime between 8 a.m. and possibly noon. I was home, as were several other people but we didn’t see or hear anything suspicious due to noise from expected maintenance work.


Sarah emailed overnight to report her home, on Northeast 90th Street near 15th Avenue Northeast, was broken into.

My husband and I were out for two-and-a-half hours between about 6:45 and 9:00 p.m. and came home to find our back door kicked in. They didn’t get much – looks like whoever it was never turned on the lights (also, our neighbors were home and never noticed this was happening).

Whoever it was grabbed some booze and personal electronics, and emptied our change jar (maybe $10?) while ransacking the bedroom. The police said it was a very juvenile burglary.

Thought everyone should know! Sigh. Off to clean up.

It’s too soon for Sarah’s burglary to show up on the police crime map, but here (above) is how it looks for the year to date. It includes a dozen home or commercial burglaries, plus stolen and prowled vehicles.

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