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Spate of home burglaries in north Maple Leaf

December 27th, 2011 · 12 Comments

The Seattle Police crime map shows a handful of home burglaries here since our last report. All four residential burglaries were within blocks of one another.

On Dec. 16 the front door of a third-floor apartment in the 10500 block of Eighth Avenue Northeast was forced open, police report. Stolen was a medium-sized, heavy metal safe.

The victim, who has lived in the apartment for 27 years, told officers she found it funny, because she had long since lost the combination and there was nothing inside the safe.

On Dec. 14 an apartment in the same block was entered and jewelry boxes stolen, police said.

On Dec. 15, one and possibly two units in the 500 block of Northeast 103rd Street were attacked, with doors kicked and windows broken, according to police reports.

Also on Dec. 15 the front door of a house in the 10200 block of Eighth Avenue Northeast was forced open by some type of pry bar, police report.

The suspect appeared to have gone in every room in the house. Drawers were left open, electronics moved off shelves, containers were emptied on the beds, $40 in cash was taken from a wallet inside a night stand drawer, $45 in cash was taken from a dresser drawer, a change jar was moved and all the change taken, an Xbox with 10+ games and 2 laptops were taken from the living room. Large expensive items such as a flat screen TV and electric guitar were not taken. A Nintendo DSi and two iPod Nanos were taken from bedrooms.

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