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Reader reports of crime in the neighborhood

December 15th, 2011 · 6 Comments

Over the past few weeks, while we’re been swamped with the Maple Leaf Life reservoir tour, several readers have checked in about suspicious activity on their street.

On Tuesday, Karen reported that two packages were tampered with on her porch on Dec. 8.

“I came home that day to find two packages, one opened with the label ripped off and nothing inside (and no identifying marks on the box to help with finding out what had been inside); the other box intact.

“Anyone else having these issues? I’ve never had this as a problem before and am a bit perplexed….”

Our most recent report on mail thefts and car prowls is here.

Earlier in the month another reader emailed, “there was broken glass all over the front entry at (Cafe) Piccolo’s at 7:00 this morning and the police were on the scene.” There was still plywood over the door, at 9400 Roosevelt Way N.E.,  the last time we drove by; the police report says the burglary occurred on Dec. 5 around 11 p.m.

Speaking of restaurants, the Hudson New American Public House tweeted last month: “Public walk in broken into last night! Cut the lock and made off with a box of pork bones, pail of shucked oysters, and bag of clams.”

That police report says the restaurant, at 8014 15th Ave. N.E., was broken into on Nov. 12.

That’s a map, on the right, of home and commercial burglaries in the area since our last such report. We count over two dozen burglaries (some of the icons represent two or even four separate break-ins).

Toward the end of November Terrie Johnston, police crime prevention coordinator, emailed to say daytime home burglaries are again on the upswing.

Residential burglaries are occurring with more frequency in the Lincoln Sector of the North Precinct (Pinehurst; Lake City Way; Maple Leaf; View Ridge; Wedgwood; Ravenna/Bryant, et al.) The precinct commanders are aware, and are staffing accordingly.

Most of the burglaries are occurring during daytime hours (from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.). If you are home, and someone knocks on your door, please answer the door, don’t open it. There is a difference. Since many criminals are looking for houses w/no one home, it is important to let them know someone is there!

If you have a home office, or a room with big screen TVs and computers that can be seen from the street, close the curtains/blinds in those areas when you are gone. Electronics, jewelry, and small portable items are popular.

Lock up your ladders; or store them in a garage. Use motion-sensitive lighting when appropriate.

Finally, Nancy emails to say: “My neighbors car was broken into last night (Dec. 5).  The passenger side window was broken. There were notebooks and writing utensils on the seat but nothing was taken.  I did not find any other break-ins to vehicles on our block.  Notified neighbors on our block watch list with working phone numbers.”

That occurred in the vicinity of the 8200 block of Second Avenue Northeast. Our last report on neighborhood car crimes is here.

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