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Home burglary suspects arrested at N.E. 80th St. and 17th Ave. N.E. as neighbors watch

October 27th, 2011 · 3 Comments

Late Wednesday morning Nicholas Tweeted this photo and said: “5 cops at the corner of 16th and 80th.” (You might have seen it on our Twitter stream.)

By the time we got to the scene there were no cops, but today Per at the Wedgwood Community Council forwarded us a thread, saying “FYI. There have been more burglaries reported in the area you shared last week. According to the NE Seattle Moms listserve, the police caught a few suspects yesterday.”

A previous poster had referred to burglaries in an area he described as “north Ravenna/south Maple Leaf/west Wedgwood.”

According to the Mom’s thread:

About 11 a.m. my husband and I were coming home, turning at the 4-way stop of 80th, north onto 20th when one of the young men described below ran across the crosswalk, north on 20th. We were slowing to turn into our driveway and he changed direction, doubling back to 80th. He took off his coat and turned west on 80th. We called 911 and turned the car around to follow. Another car pulled over and the driver (who turns out to be A WITNESS to the runner climbing out the window of his neighbor’s house at 80th and 20th) chased the man and eventually took him to the ground at 80th and 17th where he held him until the police arrived. The man was arrested. The police said they were in the area for a burglary which happened 20 minutes prior.

The thread goes on to say a women in her 20s, accompanied by another man, was also arrested at a nearby bus stop. The men and the woman were black, and possibly similar to descriptions of burglars in the earlier posts.

“A shout out to the police (and so many of them) for responding so fast,” the thread goes on.

“And I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to email descriptions of suspicious activity. It has helped put the radar up for all of us and let us know IT’S OK TO CALL 911 whenever we see something not quite right.”

We’ve asked the Seattle Police for more details. Updated here.

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