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Gluten-free options abound in Maple Leaf

September 1st, 2011 · 2 Comments

We couldn’t help but notice all of the excitement around Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. offering gluten-free menu options when it opens tonight at 8310 Fifth Ave. N.E.

Which brings us back to Andrea Jensen, co-owner of maoStudios at 9220 Roosevelt Way N.E., who in her free time also writes the Guide to Gluten Free blog, which includes a Seattle Eats section featuring a few Maple Leaf restaurants and their gluten-free options.

Below are Jensen’s area choices, and what she had to say about them:

  • Blue Saucer, 9127 Roosevelt Way N.E.: Billie, the owner, has brought in Sister Souls’ delicious little gluten-free loaves drizzled with icing. Flavors: Carrot cake, Coffee Cake, Lemon Poppyseed, Double Chocolate, Ginger Cake, Raspberry, and Chocolate. She also serves gluten-free quiche. I sampled some today and they were quite tasty! Blue Saucer also serves coffee, teas, regular baked goods, sandwiches, and other beverages.
  • Cafe Piccolo, 9400 Roosevelt Way N.E.: They do not have a gluten-free menu, you have to ask. They are a little higher-end Italian food (but not quite) and offer gluten-free fettucine, eggplant parmesan, chicken dishes, and have some very interesting chic pea flour bread they make from scratch with ragu dip. Also for a chuckle, the corner lamp is an exact replica of the ‘leg’ lamp from A Christmas Story.
  • La Casa del Mojito, 7545 Lake City Way N.E.: They don’t really know they are gluten-free, but Mojito’s entire Cuban/S. American menu aside from the lunch sandwiches is gluten-free. They have slow-roasted pork, baked fish, plaintain cakes, and much more! One of my favorite spots to eat. They serve very large portions, so be prepared to take some home!
  • Roosevelt Alehouse, 8824 Roosevelt Way N.E.: Roosevelt Alehouse buys its buns from Wheatless in Seattle and offers gluten-free pizza, sandwiches, burgers, quesadillas, and chicken fingers. They are a step above most bar food, everything is well-prepared with fresh ingredients.

Gluten-free eaters are surely looking forward to what Jensen will have to add once Flying Squirrel opens! Know of any other great gluten-free choices in the neighborhood?

UPDATE: Jensen just emailed us (Friday, Sept. 2), and says you’ll have to wait for gluten-free pizza just a bit longer:

I talked to Brian at Flying Squirrel Pizza and he says they are still testing gluten-free doughs and crusts. They plan to offer gluten-free in a week or so. It’s not available at the moment. 

UPDATE: Alas, gluten-free pizza is still not  on the menu at Flying Squirrel, and owner Bill Coury tell us on Sept. 16 that it may be some time before it is. 

“We’re just not carrying it right now because to be honest, it’s all terrible. We’ve tried recipes, we keep trying recipes, it’s just not up to our quality standards that we expect. … When we say gluten-free options, we mean that yes, we have a plethora of gluten-free salads, we just don’t have any gluten-free pizza. It’s not that we’ve given up on it, but everything we’ve tried so far just is not good.”

So stay tuned, GF community!

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