August 29

A sunflower TWICE the size of commen men



We know it’s late summer, and we know the weather’s been good for weeks – but this is a bit much. Or maybe a lot much.

Linda emails:

Greetings! My husband and I are organic urban farmers/gardeners in Maple Leaf.

See attached photo of this amazingly tall sunflower in our yard! Is this what happens to plants when the sun finally comes out in Seattle???!!! My husband is 5′ 8″ for reference.

She and Walter didn’t even plant this monster – it volunteered and grew to a mere 5 feet before they left in early July for a month in Europe.

“When we returned on August 6 the height shocked us.  Since then it’s just gotten taller and taller!  We estimate it’s about 14 feet tall now.  The flowers are finally opening; starting at the top but it’s loaded with buds up and down.”

In urban wildlife news, Linda also reports that a sharp-shinned hawk visiting her 5,000-square-foot yard has been trying for song birds. “And finally, had a Lourquins Admiral butterfly visit our veggie garden this past week too!”

She attached a photo of their front gardens from late June.

Any other exceptional garden photos out there?

Photos courtesy Linda Versage

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