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Thieves ramp up to pillaging more than a car a day in Maple Leaf

July 19th, 2011 · 8 Comments

It’s been 10 days since readers alerted us to car thieves in the neighborhood. At that time we said auto break-ins or thefts happened more than once every other day since June 1.

Now we can make that more than a car EVERY day.

This afternoon Calvin emailed:

I’m one of at least two people who had their cars burglarized last night (July 18) on 8th Ave. Northeast. When a police officer came to investigate the burglary of my vehicle, another person arrived who stated their car had also been entered and had valuable items stolen.

In my case, one item was stolen.  The thieves attempted to steal the car stereo, but seem to have given up after damaging it.

In both cases, there were no apparent signs of entry.  Residents should take caution and avoid leaving cars unlocked or windows down, and not leave valuable items in their vehicles overnight.

We’ve attached the police crime map for cars over the last 10 days. (Calvin and Co. from last night aren’t on there yet.) As before, the solid cars are stolen cars; the ones with the white dot were broken into (car prowls).

How many crimes it shows here depends a bit on how you count and where exactly you think Maple Leaf is.

But if you look at the diamond formed by Northgate Way, Lake City Way, Banner Way and Interstate 5, the map shows seven stolen cars and six car prowls reported from July 9 to July 19. (Some of the icons represent more than one crime. For example, the solid car icon near Fifth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 86st Street represents three stolen vehicles.)

Add in Calvin’s report and you get a total of 15 cars stolen or broken into here over the last 10 days.

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