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Maple Leaf’s phantom block – where’d it go?

May 25th, 2011 · 4 Comments

Here’s a question we hope our readers can answer. It comes from Tracey.

My husband and I live in New Westminster, B.C., and we were in Seattle for the weekend.  We visited the Maple Leaf neighborhood because I learned that my great uncle once lived in a house at 423 N.E. 91st Street.  We met confusion when we saw that the house numbers on 91st St. go from the three-hundreds to the five-hundreds, skipping the four-hundreds altogether.  Any idea if the numbering system has been changed since the 1940s?  I’d love to see if the house is still there under a different number.

She’s quite correct. There’s a 300 block on one side of Fifth Avenue Northeast, and a 500 block on the other, east side, but no 400 block addresses at all.

Northeast 92nd has a 400 block, but 90th and 89th do not. (Clue: Fourth Avenue Northeast doesn’t go through.) Northeast 88th does.

Who knows if those missing blocks ever existed?

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