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Proposal to paint Maple Leaf intersection moves forward

February 27th, 2011 · 6 Comments

Maple Leaf artist Rachel Marcotte sent us the above video to better illustrate intersection painting projects.

By Katie Melton

In our last post discussing the possibility of painting the intersection at Northeast 96th Street and 12th Avenue Northeast, nearby neighbors commented in support of the project.

And since then, Maple Leaf artist Rachel Marcotte, who orchestrated the Wallingford turtle painting, received approval from the Seattle Department of Transportation to create a street mural at that intersection. 

“Yes, a painted intersection would be possible at this intersection,” wrote Christina Legazpi with SDOT’s Neighborhood Traffic Operations. “Next step is to work with your neighbors on a design. Once the design is submitted to me and approved, I can put together a petition for you to distribute around the neighborhood to show there is at least 60% approval for the project.” 

Some neighbors also expressed concern regarding the toxicity of the paint and traction on the road. The paint used in Seattle intersection paintings is nontoxic, and SDOT mandates the exact paint that can be used.

It’s called DriveLine, and exact ingredients in the product can be found from SDOT or Rodda, the supplier. The paint dries within minutes, so runoff is not an issue. Also, the clean-up is done with water, and Marcotte explained that the painters mix a lot of grit into the paint to ensure good traction.

Neighbors in the vicinity of Northeast 96th Street and 12th Avenue Northeast who would like a role in the project should email Rachel Marcotte at

Katie Melton is the intern for Maple Leaf Life. She is a journalism student at the University of Washington.

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