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Which cell carriers have good Maple Leaf coverage?

January 30th, 2011 · 24 Comments

Four years ago my cell phone suddenly stopped working. Right here, in my own house.

That service had worked for decades, starting when a mobile phone the size of a wine bottle cost $1,000, and a Personal Executive Assistant came out from US West Cellular to teach me how to use it.

It worked as US West became Air Touch and then Verizon, which was and is Consumer Reports’ highest-rated cell provider in the country. But not at my Maple Leaf house.

Nothing Verizon did – and it tried – could stop the dropped calls. Finally the company said it had no way to assure  service here and released me from the contract.

Now I have T. Mobile. Works great at the house. Doesn’t work at Whole Foods, though. Or in Yosemite.

My co-editor had to drop Sprint because it didn’t work at all at her house. Nor did AT&T. We ARE the third-highest hill in Seattle. Could that have something to do with cell woes?

This weekend Tatiana, another Maple Leaf resident, asked if our readers could report on cell providers who do provide good coverage in our neighborhood. (She currently has AT&T.)

Who’s had good luck here?

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