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"Locked out" scam man still here

January 11th, 2011 · No Comments

The man pulling the door-to-door, “locked out of my house” scam is still working the neighborhoods.

In comments on our original post, Tad, at 12th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 56th Street, says he had a visit Monday night.

I enjoyed asking him questions about details, baiting him, and called my wife to come to the door, and eventually revealed to him that we knew of the scam because he had pulled it on our neighbors multiple times.

He apologized and said “God Bless!” and left. We called 9-1-1.

His story is identical, locksmith, Microsoft, UW, same name (!) etc. He’s been busy!

Since our original “locked out” post on Sunday about the scammer who claims to work for the UW or Microsoft, lives nearby with his boyfriend and is locked out of their house and needs money for a locksmith, readers have reported him in the Central District, the International District and the University area.

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