January 4

Little Caesars opens in The Village at Maple Leaf



Maple Leaf may have lost one pizza place recently, but it looks like we now have a new one, albeit in a different part of the neighborhood.

On Thursday, Dec. 30, a new Little Caesars Pizza opened in The Village at Maple Leaf at 8014 Lake City Way N.E. While other parts of Maple Leaf appear to be struggling in the downturn, including the closures of the earlier mentioned A New York Pizza Place at 8310 Fifth Ave. N.E., as well as Revolution Cycles at 9634 Roosevelt Way N.E. this summer, The Village has seen something of a surge.

In May, Peony Nails & Spa opened, followed by iBurger & Shake in June and now a Little Caesars in place of the Suntan Place.

Let’s hope the surge trickles down through the rest of Maple Leaf!

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  1. @Susan: At least it’s a lot cheaper than Pag’s. I love their stuff, but I hate dropping nearly $20 for a cheese pizza that doesn’t reheat well (though I would love our local Pag’s to follow suit with the Ave, CapHill and LQA locations and offer some per-slice options). LC isn’t gourmet, but it covers those of us with limited budgets, and, hey, it’s better than a tanning salon.

  2. I’d driven by the Eagles Aerie sign for several weeks before I’d finally remembered to look them up online at home. I was hoping for some sort of secret cult’ish group to get the neighborhood busybodies spun up but alas they look like pretty normal folks. That is an odd building that I don’t think would ever be very attractive to regular retail businesses so it’s nice someone found a use for it.

    That vacant car lot is going to be a challenge to fill because of its location. Hopefully a locale entrepreneur can come up with a business that caters to evening commuters. Maybe a naughty girls espresso stand??? Just wanted to see if the busybodies were awake yet.

  3. The used car dealership a block south on LCW is now closed and the property up for sale, so the node isn’t entirely on the upswing, but the new coffeeshop and the brewers corner are also on the positive side of the ledger. So how about the Eagles Aerie #1, the so-called Mother Aerie, moving here from Georgetown? How did that happen and will the neighborhood benefit in unexpected ways?

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