November 28

sNOw crimes



It appears nobody wants to be a burglar when it’s 20 degrees out and very easy to track your footsteps in the snow.

After the spate of burglaries in recent weeks, crime took a holiday beginning Monday, Nov. 22, with the first snow storm of the year.

Since our last report, a few burglaries and auto break-ins have popped up on the city’s crime map.

A car was broken into in the 50o block of Northeast 97th Street. But that happened on Friday, Nov. 26 – after the snow melted.

And a car was stolen on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, from the vicinity of Roosevelt Way Northeast and Northeast 88th Street. (The police report is lacking a better address.)

Before the storm the picture is a little different, but so many reports are lacking addresses that it’s a little hard to pin down. We do know a car was stolen on Thursday, Nov. 18, from the 2400 block of Northeast 85th Street. Its loss wasn’t reported until the following Tuesday, Nov. 22.

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