November 15

Suspect in Maple Leaf burglary lives in neighborhood



One of the suspects in the Maple Leaf burglary arrests last week lives just six blocks from the home he’s suspected of breaking into, records show.

Six suspects in all were arrested last Wednesday, Nov. 10, at a home near Northeast 90th Street and 12th Avenue Northeast.

One of them, an 18-year-old Ingraham High School student, lives in a single-family home on the other side of Roosevelt Way Northeast, on Northeast 92nd Street, according to records.

Maple Leaf has seen a rash of burglaries in recent weeks, so many that a community meeting with police has been scheduled for Tuesday night.

Of the six suspects arrested last week, two are 18 years old, including the Ingraham student, and are being processed in adult court, where they appeared Friday. The other four were minors, and will be handled in juvenile court.

It’s possible, but not yet known, that the group was involved in other local burglaries, the prosecutor’s office said.

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  1. please post..their names, their parents, aunts, uncles,cousin, and grandparents names….so we can all feel better about ourselves, knowing the names of suspected criminals is very important to me and the rest of the masses looking to stone them.

    dont forget to post what size pants and shirts they wear so we can size them for their execution clothing.


    a concerned neighbor.

    p.s. please inflict a neighborhood curfew of 5pm so we no longer have worries…

  2. We’re waiting on the charges now, Simon – you’re right, the prosecutor’s office is trying to get them out today. In general, and out of caution, most media outlets wait for charges before naming suspects, but there’s no requirement to do so.

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