November 9

Police call neighborhood meeting after rash of home burglaries



Police are calling a neighborhood meeting in a week to talk about the glut of burglars hitting homes in the Maple Leaf, Roosevelt and Ravenna areas.

The meeting is set for next Tuesday, Nov. 16, at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center, 6535 Ravenna Ave. N.E., confirmed Diane Horswill, police community coordinator for the North Precinct.  It will begin at 7:30 p.m.

She couldn’t say exactly how many homes have been broken into, but is reporting they total at least 20:

The burglars have broken into a number of homes by busting out a back window—often a basement window—with a rock. They’ve also pried open windows and sliding glass doors to gain entry.

One source tells us police believe the burglars are a “younger crowd.”

The Ravenna Blog has started an electronic sign-up for the meeting. A similar meeting was held here in Maple Leaf at the start of the year.

We counted at least seven home burglaries in Maple Leaf leading up to Halloween.

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  1. Might be a good idea in neighborhoods where most people will be going to have a few folks stay home and walk/keep an eye on the street. Seems like the folks perpetrating these crimes might find the meeting a fine time to break in.

  2. @camel – As far as I know, we won’t have any police officers, lazy or otherwise, at the meeting next Tuesday.

    And the motto is “Service, Pride, Dedication,” I believe.

  3. What pisses me off is these lazy police officers will make an overtime visit for a town meeting but will not respond to a vehicle accident in a school zone. If the police department is struggling to find funds so bad – why would they pass up a double ticket opurtunity?

    To protect & Serve is the moto – act like it SPD!!!

  4. Thanks for mentioning the meeting, Mike. Especially the bit about the RSVP page. We want to make sure we have enough room and chairs for everyone who wants to attend!

    As for who “called” the meeting, I would say that equal credit should go to ever-more-concerned community members leaving comments on the crime posts (on all the sites that have been posting about them), Diane Horswill for being available (and still being employed!), and my fellow neighborhood newsie, Patty, at

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