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Where IS Maple Leaf, anyway? Part 2

September 7th, 2010 · 10 Comments

This weekend’s high-speed police chase, which ended here in a crash, has sparked a revival of the debate: “Where is Maple Leaf?”

The crash occurred on Northeast 75th Street, between Eighth and Sixth avenues.

Michael wrote to say: “The 6oo block of NE 75th is not in Maple Leaf….I believe this location to actually be in the Roosevelt Neighborhood.”

David Miller, from the Maple Leaf Community Council, who should know, chimed in to say: “Maple Leaf’s southern border touches 75th, but the precise location of the incident is just outside Maple Leaf’s official boundaries. Doesn’t mean it isn’t newsworthy, though.”

Problem here is that neither Maple Leaf, nor any other Seattle neighborhood, has official boundaries. Miller is referring to the community council’s adopted map, which looks like this:

According to the council’s map, the crash apparently occurred on  the WRONG SIDE of 75th  street to be in Maple Leaf. Had it occurred on the north side, instead of the south side, of 75th, it would meet David’s definition (I think).

Maple Leaf’s southern boundary is particularly nebulous, and Roosevelt and Maple Leaf are easily, perhaps inevitably, conflated. A blogger in Roosevelt last month tackled this problem and concluded, according to the city’s (unofficial) neighborhood map, that Roosevelt runs all the way north to Northeast 85th Street. Which, as we pointed out a half-year ago, is just silly. It cuts the neighborhood off right in the middle of the Maple Leaf Reservoir.

Now our news partners The Seattle Times have come up with a new crime map, which really confuses things. When you try to check Maple Leaf’s crime on it you’ll not be pleased to learn we’ve had 13 robberies and nine assaults in the past few months. Which is also silly.

What you’re really getting is statistics for the Seattle Police Department’s N3 beat. Which tries to be a combination of Northgate and Maple Leaf, but actually bears little resemblance to our hood. It is split down the middle by Interstate 5 and mostly runs north-south between Northeast 130th and Northeast 90th streets.

Oh, and you’ll find this: “Neighborhood names are approximate and not assigned by Seattle Police.”

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