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Coffee and crepes combo praised at Cafe Javasti

August 2nd, 2010 · 3 Comments

When Rose Tosti with The Seattle Weekly decided to give the latest coffee trend, “cold brew” coffee, a try, she headed over to none other than Maple Leaf’s Cafe Javasti, 8410 Fifth Ave. N.E.

She may not have been a fan of that method of making coffee, which involves steeping grounds in cold water instead of brewing them in hot water, but Tosti had nothing but praise for Cafe Javasti:

Cafe Javasti, situated cater-corner to Kona Kitchen at the intersection of 5th and 85th, has a lot going for it. Family friendly, great art exhibits, and an extensive menu of house-made crepes name a few of the highlights, along with the fact that it is the only coffee shop in its vicinity.

Tosti does, however, admit that she’s an “espresso girl” who misses “the element of aroma to a degree that makes drinking cold brew coffee a little tragic.”

But she isn’t holding that against Cafe Javasi, and instead urges her readers to let her know if there’s another cafe where they think she might like the cold brew coffee better, and “all the rest of you, go enjoy that peerless pairing of coffee and crepes.”

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