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The giant tree is safe (the old house is going)

July 31st, 2010 · No Comments

The giant Sequoia tree that reader Patrick LoCicero wants to save (see the Maple Leaf Life Facebook page) will apparently be preserved.

Cheryl Eastberg with Seattle Parks and Recreation reports: “No plans  to remove or harm the tree.  We may need to put some wire fence around it as a preventative measure to deter beaver chewing.” That’s because the tree is in Thornton Creek Park No. 6, the park where the Maple Leaf beavers live. “Beavers don’t typically choose evergreen trees, but they also are not entirely predictable.”

We’ve most recently written about trouble at an abandoned house, which can be seen behind the tree, that the parks department plans to tear down. Eastberg says the demolition is tentatively scheduled for next week.

Then the land will be preserved as a natural area, she said.

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