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Lots of closures over Memorial Day weekend

May 27th, 2010 by master

Most Seattle Parks and Recreation workers will be getting an extra-long holiday weekend, albeit not entirely paid because of citywide furloughs throughout the year.

All of the department’s facilities will be closed Monday in observance of Memorial Day, however furlough days on Friday and Tuesday will result in additional closures, including that of  the Northgate Community Center on Friday. The neighboring Northgate Library also will be closed Friday and Sunday as part of its regular schedule, as well as on Monday in observance of Memorial Day.

Also Friday, the parks department warns that the city’s parks will be further impacted because there will be no trash pick-up, nor will the bathrooms be cleaned and maintained that day. However, normal park maintenance will resume for the remainder of the weekend, although there will be limited staff on duty Monday to empty trash cans and clean restrooms.

“We’ve done everything we can to limit the impacts of the furlough on our patrons, customers and visitors; however, the public will experience parks with diminished maintenance on Friday, May 28,” said Christopher Williams, acting superintendent of the parks department. “If park patrons encounter overflowing trash cans, we encourage you to pack out your own trash. We are asking the community to help us keep our parks clean on the few days this year that we are not able to clean them ourselves.” [Read more →]

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Another traffic report from the 15th Ave. bridge detour

May 27th, 2010 by Mike

High traffic continues on the detour route around the 15th Avenue Northeast bridge closure, and apparently the police are aware of the problem.

Here’s a second on-scene report since an electronic speed sign started warning motorists to slow down on Northeast 104th Street as they detour around the closure. Eric posted it as a comment:

I too live on NE 104th street. There are still too many cars using it to cut through to Roosevelt Way. Yesterday there was a back up of 8 idling cars at the stop sign at NE 104th street and Roosevelt Way waiting to turn onto Roosevelt Way during afternoon rush hour. I did see a police officer pulling over speeders and people who cut through on NE 104th street. I think that is the best strategy to prevent people from cutting through and speeding. I also think the electronic speed sign needs to be moved closer to 11th ave ne and NE 104th street or there needs to be a second one put there. After cars get past the traffic circle on NE 104th street and 12th ave ne they are putting the pedal to the metal until they get to the stop sign on NE Roosevelt Way. A very dangerous situation.

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Weekend store burglary in Maple Leaf

May 27th, 2010 by Mike

Police report that over the weekend burglars hit Fine Impressions Gallery, 8300 Fifth Ave. N.E., and stole a laptop computer and a small amount of cash.

The owner told police she discovered the burglary when she arrived at the store on Monday morning, May 24. The doors were all locked, but a bathroom window that’s normally closed was open,  according to the police report.

The gallery has been in Maple Leaf since 2000, when the owner moved it here from her Greenwood location, opened in 1981.

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Purse snatching at N.E. 85th and 4th Ave.

May 27th, 2010 by master

A woman with a cane was robbed of her purse on Monday afternoon (5/24) in the 400 block of NE 85th Street. She was walking to the store when a man of unknown race came up from behind her and tugged at the purse until it gave way.  The thief then took the purse and got away in a red car parked nearby.

That’s from the official police report. We think it’s the same crime commented on earlier by Mexi-Pickle in our post on stun-gun attacks:

These same attackers decided to come into the Maple Leaf neighborhood this last Monday the 24th. They attacked a senior citizen and stole her purse right by Javasti. Luckily no stun gun was used.

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Free milk cartons today for upcoming Green Lake derby

May 27th, 2010 by master

Seafair’s Pirate’s Booty Milk Carton Derby may not be until July 10, but it’s time to start designing if you want to win the annual contest at Green Lake.

And the Roosevelt Square Whole Foods Market, 1026 N.E. 64th St., hopes to help you take home the prize by offering free Organic Valley milk cartons today from 2-6 p.m.

MyGreenlake has the scoop:

In addition to the milk carton melee happening outside, inside Organic Valley farmers will surprise two lucky shoppers by paying for their entire cart of groceries! A week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and more! The only prerequisite: The shopper must already have an Organic Valley product in their cart. Timing of the two “shopping cart surprises” is a secret, but get “caught” at Whole Foods Market on the 27th with Organic Valley products in your cart and you could win! It’s a gift from the 27 Washington farmer-owners of Organic Valley to Whole Foods shoppers as thanks for their devotion to organic foods and for keeping organic farmers on the land.

Pirate’s Booty and Organic Valley will be sampling their delicious snacks in the store from 2:00-6:00pm. Join us for a day of fun and start designing those Spanish galleons!

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Not into 'coworking'? Check out work-live zoning

May 27th, 2010 by master

In addition to the “Coworking Office” on the Roosevelt corridor, further evidence that a growing number of people are working from home is a townhouse for sale boasting front and center that it’s “Zoned Work Live.”

The growing concept offers residents the opportunity to both live in and operate a business out of a home, cutting out commercial rent and other expenses that can quickly add up.

Listing agent Teri Jones with Windermere Real Estate said it’s an ideal space for an accountant, hair dresser, nail salon or even a coffeeshop, and she said she even thought about using it for her own real-estate business.

“It’s quite enticing for a person who wants to live and work out of their home,” Jones said.

The 1,078-square-foot townhouse, located on the corner of Roosevelt at 858 N.E. 92nd St., is available for $310,000 and has two bedrooms, plus a third room with a separate entrance and plenty of room for expansion that could be turned into a workspace or used as a third bedroom. [Read more →]

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Wet and messy in Maple Leaf – but what about the holiday weekend?

May 26th, 2010 by Mike

Over a half-inch of rain has fallen in Maple Leaf today, and it shows. Especially in traffic.

Late this afternoon Roosevelt Way Northeast was backed up southbound past Northeast 80th Street, while 80th itself was backed up from the freeway over to Roosevelt. Interstate 5 wasn’t much better.

What about the three-day holiday weekend? A mixed bag, but not as bad as today. University of Washington professor Cliff Mass, on his weather blog, says:

Let me cut to the key does Memorial Day weekend look? Right now it appears that the showers will end early Saturday and that this day will be decent with a weak ridge building over the area. But by Sunday afternoon a weak front will make landfall, bringing showers. Timing such features are difficult, but at this point there is NO reason to expect a major warm-up over the weekend….sorry.

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Stun gun attackers target North Seattle women

May 25th, 2010 by master

Our sister site broke a story today that soon had Seattle Police issuing a crime alert to other media.  We’ve learned three women in North Seattle have been attacked by a group of people carrying stun guns.  In each case, the group attacked and robbed the women as they arrived back home from the grocery store.  The first case happened May 17 in Fremont, followed by similar attacks on May 19 in Ballard and May 20 in Greenwood. 

The suspects are described as a black man in his mid 20’s with a slender build, a heavyset black woman in her 20’s, and an Asian woman.  In each case, they fled in a silver sedan.  That car, which turned out to be stolen, was later found abandoned.  The search for the attackers continues.  Police warn women to be aware of any suspicious activity in grocery store parking lots.

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Electronic speed cop now posted on Maple Leaf detour, and a report from the street.

May 25th, 2010 by Mike

An electronic speed sign appeared on Northeast 104th Street Tuesday afternoon, another attempt to convince motorists dodging the 15th Avenue Northeast bridge closure to slow down.

Just before rush hour Tuesday afternoon, many motorists appeared to be observing the 25 mph limit (although, in truth, 25 mph would feel very fast on this quiet residential street).

We’ve had a host of comments on traffic cutting through 104th and 103rd streets to avoid the closed bridge. Here’s a report from the field from Susan:

I live on 104th, a few houses in from the bridge. The first few days were very bad (from normally 2 or 3 to over 20 cars every 5 minutes around 6pm), as all traffic normally crossing the bridge was turning onto 104th. And some cars looked like they were ready to run into the barriers–totally oblivious to the road closure signs!

But by the end of the week there was a significant decrease in the number of cars turning onto 104th. So our complaints & the city’s response to add additional signs & increase the visibility of the signs posted on 15th about the bridge closure has helped. [Read more →]

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Maple Leaf Life co-editor wins journalism award

May 25th, 2010 by master

Maple Leaf Life co-editor Mike Ullmann is a first-place winner of a 2009 Excellence in Journalism award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Ullmann, the former managing editor of the King County Journal, received the award under the “Personalities” category for an article he wrote for Seattle Business magazine called “The Man Who Saved Washington Wine.”

Our partner blog PhinneyWood also received a second-place prize under the category “Best Site-Specialized Geography,” with credits going to co-editors Doree Armstrong and Dale Steinke as well as our parent company Next Door Media and its co-founder Kate Bergman. PhinnyWood earlier won a national journalism award for coverage of the Greenwood arsons last fall.

The complete results of the 2009 Society of Professional Journalists’ Pacific Northwest Excellence in Journalism awards are available through our partner The Seattle Times or directly from the society’s website.

Congratulations to everyone!

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