May 25

Electronic speed cop now posted on Maple Leaf detour, and a report from the street.



An electronic speed sign appeared on Northeast 104th Street Tuesday afternoon, another attempt to convince motorists dodging the 15th Avenue Northeast bridge closure to slow down.

Just before rush hour Tuesday afternoon, many motorists appeared to be observing the 25 mph limit (although, in truth, 25 mph would feel very fast on this quiet residential street).

We’ve had a host of comments on traffic cutting through 104th and 103rd streets to avoid the closed bridge. Here’s a report from the field from Susan:

I live on 104th, a few houses in from the bridge. The first few days were very bad (from normally 2 or 3 to over 20 cars every 5 minutes around 6pm), as all traffic normally crossing the bridge was turning onto 104th. And some cars looked like they were ready to run into the barriers–totally oblivious to the road closure signs!

But by the end of the week there was a significant decrease in the number of cars turning onto 104th. So our complaints & the city’s response to add additional signs & increase the visibility of the signs posted on 15th about the bridge closure has helped.

And there is a traffic circle on 104th & 12th. On the second day of the detour, I saw that the sign post in the circle had sheared off at its base. I suspect that is why there is now a sign on 15th for “No Thru Trucks”…?

Everyone in the area will be impacted for the year with the bridge closure. and alas we can’t prevent all speeders–there have always been a few. 15th Ave is posted at 30mph, but try going that speed (or even 35) and not have cars piling up behind you!

Sadly too many drivers don’t respect the areas they are driving thru, treating any pavement as a right to go as fast as they can for as long as they can. And other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, traffic controls, are all just inconveniences to them. And having a diversion to a normal route just is more reason to make up for “lost time”.

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  1. I too live on NE 104th street. There are still too many cars using it to cut through to Roosevelt way. Yesterday there was a back up of 8 idling cars at the stop sign at NE 104th street and Roosevelt Way waiting to turn onto Roosevelt Way during afternoon rush hour. I did see a police officer pulling over speeders and people who cut through on NE 104th street. I think that is the best strategy to prevent people from cutting through and speeding. I also think the electronic speed sign needs to be moved closer to 11th ave ne and NE 104th street or there needs to be a second one put there. After cars get past the traffic circle on NE 104th street and 12th ave ne they are putting the pedal to the metal until they get to the stop sign on NE Roosevelt Way. A very dangerous situation.

  2. I live on Meridian Ave. which is a one way street. We get TONS of cars going up the one way (most coming off the freeway) going WAY over 30 or 40 or sometimes even 50. I wish there was something we could do about this. I’ve seen so many cats get hit and almost accidents. I don’t think one of these signs would help though. I’ve stood outside and waved for people to slow down and they just go faster. I hate it.

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