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We're No. 2! Actually Maple Leaf is a proud No. 3

May 6th, 2010 · No Comments

The city believes the third-highest point in Seattle is outside the Blue Saucer.

At the recent Maple Leaf Community Council meeting it was announced that Maple Leaf boasts the second-highest spot in Seattle.

Not quite. Although it can seem that way if you’re a bicycle commuter.

According to the city we have the third-highest location, right outside the Blue Saucer at Roosevelt Way Northeast and Northeast 92 Street. The ground there is 466 feet above sea level, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

It’s actually difficult to believe that’s the spot, as the street continues to visibly rise for another block to the south, just outside Reckless Video. Folks who’ve lived here for a while recall a geographic marker in the vicinity, but it appears to have been paved over.

Since we’re so high, and far enough north to fall victim to the shifting Puget Sound Convergence Zone, Maple Leaf often gets snow or hail while lower elevations, like Green Lake, are stuck with rain.

The other highest places in Seattle? Well, No. 2 is near Bitter Lake, on North 145th Street just east of Greenwood Avenue Northeast. It’s at 493 feet.

The highest land, at 520 feet, is in West Seattle, just south of the water tower at 35th Avenue Southwest and Southwest Myrtle Street.

What happened to Queen Anne? It’s No. 4. Queen Anne Hill, at First Avenue North and Lee Street, rises 456 feet above Puget Sound.