February 9

Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon



Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon
8917 Roosevelt Way N.E. (map)

Seattle Weekly: “Judy Fu’s Snappy Dragon is one of the best Chinese restaurants north of the Ship Canal. …”
Yelp: “I live on Capitol Hill, yet drive all the way up to Maple Leaf to pick up my take out from Judy Fu Snappy Dragon. It is that good….”


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  1. I can't review everything about Snappy Dragon, as I've only eaten one specific dish every time I've eaten there. But I can review that dish: Chicken Chow Mien with the homemade egg noodles. My verdict: delicious. In all honesty, the chicken component is rather bland and dry, but the veggies are great and the noodles, fantastic! I damn near ate the entire take-out box, I was that in love with it.

  2. Although this place is only a couple of blocks from my house, I find myself gravitating more to Chiang's than I do Snappy.
    When I first moved to the neighborhood I recall the joy I had over a local Chinese restaurant being nearby. Unfortunately with each visit I enjoyed it less and less.
    If you want homemade noodles this is a nice spot, but if you are a vegetarian I would suggest Chiang's.

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