December 4

Two more holiday crime items of note



‘Tis the season of holiday package delivery, and one reader emails this evening:

Just wanted to alert folks that there’s at least one woman trolling the neighborhood to steal packages left on porches.

Thankfully we have a neighbor who thought things seemed weird and approached her. She told our neighbor that she was just there to pick up her friend Jess’s package for her (my name is not Jess) at which point our neighbor said that was fine, but that she had her license plate number just in case.

Needless to say the would-be thief decided to leave our stuff alone. Just wanted others in the area to beware since I’m sure the number of things getting delivered this time of year is higher. We live on 11th Avenue Northeast between Lake City Way and Northeast 78th Street.

There’s also an email making the local rounds about a black pickup truck involved in package theft:

This vehicle has been spotted in various surrounding neighborhoods (at least Maple Leaf to Sunset Hill) – with a male/female team – one of whom has been seen removing packages from porches and putting them in the pickup bed and then they drive off. There is one instance on video, though not enough clarity for an ID.

Please… if you observe this vehicle in our neighborhood, be watchful and prepared to call 9 1 1 We – need to have this vehicle caught with stolen packages and people in it. The more times it’s spotted and called in, the better the chances we as a community will put a stop to this team.

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  1. Had a package stolen off my front porch while I was home, chased her across the alley barefoot and in a bathrobe. She said she was picking up my package for a friend. Wish I had taken my phone with me but counted myself lucky to get my package back.
    Saw her recently running across our alley shedding a delivery persons overalls and a cap and sunglasses she wore to make people believe she was a male delivery driver. Watch out for her!

  2. This happened to us in the past. Now I signed up for the My UPS program and the FedEx equivalent. Now I get emails ahead of a delivery telling me the expected delivery window and I can opt to get text messages or messages via the iOS app when the delivery is made (it often comes within minutes). There are also some options for rescheduling deliveries or leaving special delivery instructions for a specific package or for your household in general. Once a package was coming when we would be camping so I asked UPS to come into our back yard and leave it by the basement door—and they did! Definitely worth looking into for your household if you can.

  3. We had a box containing our Christmas cards stolen on 94th over Thanksgiving weekend. They left it in a nearby bus shelter after opening it, and a helpful neighbor returned them.

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