August 18

The Maple Bar (nee Maple Leaf Grill) is open!



The Maple Bar, officially to open Aug. 23, actually had a “soft” opening this weekend.

The bar and restaurant, at 8929 Roosevelt Way N.E. in the space where the Maple Leaf Grill closed, will be open daily from 5 p.m to midnight.

The soft opening, to train staffers and fine-tune equipment (how’s the beer working now?) and offerings, means an initial reduced-price menu. (See below)

Without advance notice or advertising, the bar still packed in 100 customers Saturday night, staff said.

Welcome to Maple Leaf!

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  1. I’m anxious to try it, too, though I did like the old horseshoe-shaped bar – it was a good way for customers to engage with each other! And it was very cozy in the winter on cold rainy nights. But I hope to stop in over the weekend.

  2. I went there on Monday night. It was interesting to see the new layout. I used to sit at the bar of the Maple Leaf Grill and drink a couple beers while working (laptop + WIFI). The new layout is cool. Feels more open.

    I had the meat loaf sandwich. It was tasty and I would get it again. They had some issues with speed and the beer tap was not working, but those little things are expected and the purpose of a soft opening. I have no doubt the minor issues will get resolved soon. They had a good list of cocktails, but I didn’t try any this time.

    Overall, I like the place and wish them the best of luck.

  3. Went for drinks with a friend and was not disappointed. The place really needs some AC, man it was hot in there.

  4. Went by yesterday, man do they have a great meatloaf sandwich. Yeah, looks like full bar and kids OK during the day and early evening, they have a railing around the bar area to restrict that area to 21+. Mostly adults there though. And packed, lots of people wandering in from the neighborhood for a drink or bite to eat.

  5. Generally that means they serve food and alcohol all day long, but kick out the kids at 9pm. Isn’t the Roosevelt Ale House and Third Place Books bar that way? And also they have a bar/railing separating the bar from the restaurant as per WSLCB specifications.

  6. Previously stated its family friendly during the day and alcohol at night? Not sure how this works. Can someone explain. Does this mean no minors after a certain hour and no glass of wine with lunch?

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